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Evernotes Every Friday

1. New Creative Suite, CS6

The new packaging design and artwork for the new Adobe Creative Suite CS6 has been released and it sure is a far leap from previous versions.

From the designer:

We wanted to impact every touchpoint in the CS experience, so we proposed that Adobe look beyond software — celebrating the creative freedom of its users and the emotional power of the creative process. Being truly committed to creativity, Adobe embraced the idea.
Tolleson Case Study

Found via Brand New.

2. 500px

This may not be new to you but it was to me: 500px, an online community for photographers. Similar to Dribbble, 500px users upload their work, their photographs, to be voted on and “favorited.” To a novice like myself, I like how it lists the Camera specs like focal length and aperture. The following photo was taken by Taylor McCutchan, definitely a new favorite photographer of mine. Thanks Ismael Burciaga for the tip.

3. Domino Magazine

I love this little detail in the upper corner of a Domino Magazine page. It’s just a sweet nod to that space, but not overkill. Found via Creature Comforts.

4. Growing Cabinet

I have been looking for a large modular bookcase to use as a room divider (to hide the BBQ sauce box mess) this week and really loved the concept behind this growing cabinet! The drawers on their side pull out giving twice the space! Found via swissmiss.

5. mySmoothie

I like the clean look of this smoothie packaging with the added whimsy of bright colorful illustrations and handwritten type. Found via thedieline.

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