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1. Creating the World of Oblivion I know I'm not the only one who pays attention to the design details in movies, but I will be paying extra attention to these graphics in Oblivion (with Tom Cruise) now that I've seen this short behind the scenes flick—with the lead graphics animator, David “dlew” Lewandowski, and design director, Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz. Thanks Ismael Burciaga for sharing! 2. Process of a Product Photography Shoot Another behind the scenes glimpse in this post about a product photography shoot. I am still grasping portrait photography, but product photography can be just as hard if not worse—I mean, how do you make a bottle of coffee concentrate speak your brand to your target audience? What an amazing process goes into these shoots, from the props to the lighting

This post has been long overdue but last summer—and since then—I have been taking photos of the brand new Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park. And while many of you may have been down to visit the gang from Radiator Springs, I know quite a few who haven't. So this is just a broad glimpse into what exactly this new land contains—where's the food, what's a store, and of course a scoop on the rides

My mind is still reeling and taking in our lunch at Club 33. I can now say I have been there, dined there, and even photographed the Club 33 toilet. I have been to Club 33. I still can't believe it. A dream come true, a wish that I have hoped for for eight years. Growing up I was always a Disney fan, of the park and the animated films. But when I really got hooked was eight years ago when I first learned of Hidden Mickeys. The first hidden Mickey I was ever shown is on Pirates of the Caribbean and learning about these various secrets of the parks, led me to look into more and more and more. Above all, Disneyland is my favorite Disney creation. And Club 33 is the exclusive, elusive, and most secretive part of this magical place. Luckily, my husband and my friend Lindsey joined me in my quest of learning all things Disneyland. Lindsey and I walked around with a Hidden Mickey book and toured the park like a scavenger hunt trying to uncover every single secret the Imagineers left to us. And since then, we have wished to go to Club 33. Dreamed of. Hoped for.

Christmas at Disneyland is always magical. The park is themed down to the smallest detail, decked out to its finest for this merry season. Plus, where else can you experience snow in Southern California? You know, besides the mountains? My all time favorite tradition is the Candlelight Processional, where the entire Town Square is transformed, where the lights of Main Street dim, where hundreds of choirs walk through the park singing Christmas carols, where the Gospel of Jesus is read to the masses. If you have never made it to one of these very special nights, I would highly recommend it. And for the first time ever, in its 54 years of celebrations, Disneyland expanded the tradition from its 2 night spectacle into a 20 night long extravaganza. Almost every single night of this merry month, Disneyland commenced the procession not just once but twice nightly. I have been unable to attend the last few years as it was only the first weekend of December, but this year Rachel and I made it to last week's performance with Dick Van Dyke as narrator. After seeing this show more than a few times, Mr. Van Dyke is my all time favorite narrator. He graced us