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Photo Tour of Disneyland’s Exclusive Club 33


Are you ready for the GRAND tour of Club 33?

And I mean grand because there are a ton of photos. Too many actually to even post here. Between me and Mr. Anthony Tran, there were hundreds of photos taken… from the furniture to the walls and beyond the balconies. Including the bathroom facilities.

If you want the more sensational post about our trip check my first post here… the following post is all about the facts—the whats and where’s that at’s.

The Entrance and Beyond the Door

You begin by ringing the doorbell to check in at the front door with the receptionist.


Then the big moment arrives when you get to walk through the emerald painted Club 33 door and the whole party is greeted by the receptionist and a large staircase and a lift (elevator).

The lift was created especially by Walt Disney Imagineering after Walt and his wife Lillian saw one while shopping in the French Quarter in New Orleans. more info



Lounge Alley

The staircase takes you up and above Royal Street where you then cross over the street below. Many people think Club 33 is just above the Blue Bayou restaurant but the buffet area and the main dining room is actually across the way and above the French Market.

(To get a better idea on where you’re at I am going to show exterior photos mixed with interior…)

This first photo was taken from across at the balcony seen in the second photo, the balcony with the bluish iron work is the trophy room, which you’ll see later on the tour. 🙂


The other side of the red shutters…



Down this “lounge alley” leads you to the buffet stations and ends at the main dining room. To your right and out of frame would be the top of the staircase and the trophy room.


This table is from the movie Mary Poppins and found its home in the Banks home before finding its place here at the Club.



Buffet Room and Bar

Next up would be the bar, and in the background you can see the couch us girls were sitting at (seen above).


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran

We came during the lunch hour so each meal came with a buffet of appetizers.


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran

As well as a dessert bar. Behind the dessert bar were concept art pieces by Marc Davis for the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran


Main Dining Room

When we first arrived the dining room was full but by the end our group was the only one left. We were definitely making the most of our time there.



Photo by Anthony Minh Tran


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran

Our meals ranged from lobster to rabbit to rack of lamb. For the most part everyone ordered the steak. 🙂


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran

Photo by Anthony Minh Tran

The View

My favorite part of the whole visit was standing out on the balconies above New Orlean’s Square.

These three are from the balcony facing Pirates of the Caribbean…




And these few are from the balcony facing toward the Rivers of America and Haunted Mansion.

I am so happy Anthony got his photo with my favorite spot of Disneyland, the Courtyard of Angels, in the background!


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran



Trophy Room

Looking up and above the Blue Bayou restaurant is the Trophy Room, a more informal dining room for the Club.






I had to take a photo of the curtains because I want to try to match them for our home office!


This turkey vulture is an actual audio animatronic that would be voiced by an actor hidden in a sound room. The chandeliers above the tables had hidden microphones that the actor could use to respond to the guests while they dined. All the microphones have since been removed but the vulture still sits above the entrance.



As we near the end of our tour, let’s take a quick glimpse inside the restroom faciltiies, which are almost just as beautiful as the rest of the Club.



And thanks to Anthony, here’s the mens room. 🙂


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran


Let’s take one quick glimpse back before we go and look up close at some of the art featured throughout Club 33…

Starting with of course the Ryman concept art for the Courtyard of Angels that I posted about in January!


Marc Davis character development concepts behind the dessert bar…



The original entrance to the apartment above Pirates of the Caribbean on Royal Street… before the creation of the dual staircase in front of the attraction.







Club 33 really doesn’t rush you through your time there. From the moment we got there they allowed us to meander throughout and take as many photos as we wanted to. They even prolong bringing out the main course so you can get as many appetizers as you want and you don’t have to rush. Which led our visit to be 3 hours long. 🙂


The night before we went, I was looking up random stories about the Club online and found a post by a castmember who finally got her turn to enjoy Club 33. She closed her post with a photo of the back of the door. And I really loved that. For the rest of my life I will have many more photos from the front of the emerald green door but only these rare photos of the back of the wooden and red door.


And thanks Anthony for taking such amazing photos throughout our visit! We all so appreciate it!


Photo by Anthony Minh Tran

And of course one very last glimpse back… to the right behind the tree is the main dining room where our party of 10 spent 3 hours on our Sunday touring the exclusive Club 33 at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Photo by Anthony Minh Tran

Photo by Anthony Minh Tran

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