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Cars Land—Photo Tour, Part 1

This post has been long overdue but last summer—and since then—I have been taking photos of the brand new Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park. And while many of you may have been down to visit the gang from Radiator Springs, I know quite a few who haven’t. So this is just a broad glimpse into what exactly this new land contains—where’s the food, what’s a store, and of course a scoop on the rides…

CARS LAND is located between Bugs Land and the San Francisco Wharf. It has quite a few entrances but we will start our journey at the main entrance where you are greeted with a postcard like sign, welcoming you to Cars Land.




OUTDOOR FOOD CART. Your first stop on the right is similar to the fruit stand that stood here before Cars Land came to being… at Fillmore’s you can get all the hippie dippy stuff: fruit, bottled beverages, and other snacks.




ATTRACTION. Next up on your left is Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. This ride was actually a lot more fun than I had been expecting! Out of all 3 ride, this would be my second favorite. The line has plenty of decor for you to look at and read, plus it moves pretty quickly. The ride itself has you sitting in the tractors which then rotate along several discs—think Tea Cups but with half as much spinning.





SHOPPING. back on the right, this shop has anything you can think or dream of that’s Cars related.


Plus these really awesome hats!



OUTDOOR FOOD CARTS. If you’re looking for some food without the sit down experience, a “quick” grab it and go, head to the Cozy Cone Motel. Each cone has a different type of food from popcorn to ice cream and they even offer breakfast if you come early enough! Keep in mind, these lines move pretty slow. More info on the food served can be found here on Micechat.

Outside the main office of the motel is your best chance to snap a photo with Mater or Lightning… keep an eye out for a hidden Buzz Lightyear inside the office too! 🙂





RESTAURANT. A 50s diner, for the families who want more of a full, sit down meal with plenty of seating available—inside and outside.

More info on the food served can be found here on Micechat.




And coming next week… Luigi’s Flying Tires and of course a look at the ride that covers 6 acres of California Adventure: Radiator Springs Racers!

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