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January 2013

When Matt sent me a text message on the Thursday before Christmas I just knew what it would entail. He was about to propose to my best friend. What started as a discussion on the where and when turned into the who and what as well. I would be starting Amie's morning with breakfast and coffee with a walk down to the Orange Circle where her darling boyfriend would be awaiting her with a ring in hand. Of course, several minute details of the day caused several mishaps like Matt falling asleep after his night shift and barely making it in time to propose and Amie having one of the many colds of the winter season. Those small "almost missed the moment" moments will add the depth every good proposal story needs. I will always remember the day as the morning I cried on the phone with my mom as I drove to Orange County in the anticipation of the day.  The morning I drank too much coffee to stall the soon to be bride before the [so far] best moment of her life. The morning I got to witness, and photograph, when my best friend's man of her dreams got down

You guys, it wasn't until I was putting this collage together that I realized that each and every photo was taken from inside my house. Which led me to realize I have only left my house on two occasions this year, once to go to bible study and twice to get my haircut. Why you may ask, well the first reason being my headaches have come back in full swing so the new year was brought in with me sick to my stomach catching up on the show Felicity (remember that from high school??)

This poster is available for purchase. More info from the Russian Used a Pencil site: This year, I joined Fred’s Team, a charity organization that raises money for cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. I joined this team with the goal of running my first marathon, and doing a little good while at it. The terrible events of Hurricane Sandy sidetracked the New York Marathon, but I was able to run in the Philadelphia Marathon two weeks later. The amazing Jessica Hische was kind enough to design the poster above, based on one of my favorite quotes from Steve Prefontaine. In purchasing a poster, 100% of the profits will be donated to Memorial Sloan-Kettering for cancer research, aside from $5 which will be donated to Red Cross for disaster relief. The poster was letterpressed on nice paper by the fine folks at Studio On Fire. The motto for Fred’s Team is “Imagine a World Without Cancer.” To me, this is not wishful thinking, but a true possibility that I may even see in my lifetime. Let’s be honest: cancer sucks. It has no doubt affected all of us in one way or another. I firmly believe that through

1. Pantone 2013 Color Chart Love each and everyone of these! Found via Pinterest. 2. Jan V. White You could spend hours perusing the new Jan V. White site. As his About page states: Jan V. White is a magazine guru and design consultant to publishing companies. He has given more than 1800 seminars in 27 countries on the relationship of layout and graphics to editing. His goal is to persuade word-people to think visually and visual people to think verbally. Understanding each other and blending their skills increases the impact and quality of their shared product. And now eight of his books are online for free! Over his forty-year design career, Jan V. White wrote twelve books on grids, page layout, typography, designing charts and graphs, the use of color, and other aspects of information design. Now, eight of his classic design books can be yours, free. Seriously hours and hours can be spent on this site, truly an amazing gift to the design community! Found via Nubby Twiglet. 3.  Christel Llop Calligraphy Just last week I posted about needing to take a calligraphy class, well you guys, this stuff is hard! So far my letters are not looking the way I hoped. That class is looking more