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December 2012

1. Finding Your Writing Voice Really great tips on how to write a blog (and not sound like a robot). Favorite tip: write as if talking to a friend. So obvious and simple yet something I have never thought to do. Read more on Sarah Von Bargen's blog. 2. Barclay Christmas Infographic I just love love love the mix of the handwritten with a modern design, but handwritten mixed with food photography? Challenge accepted! (anyone else catching up on HIMYM Season 7 right now??) Designed by Gonzalo Azores, found via Good Design Makes Me Happy. 3.  Let's Go Camping Poster Thanks to Allan Peter's well curated blog, I have found a new favorite designer/illustrator! The best part is, Basemint is on Etsy! My favorite print so far is Let's Go Camping poster! It's green (check!), it's natural elements illustrated (check!), and there's random scraps of typography (check!). Did I mention they have a store?? 4. Megan + Mike’s Seaside Photo Save the Dates Here's another clever Save the Date! This time, Nichole at Coral Pheasant, created this unique design. Each Save the Date came with two separate pieces, a photo trifold and a note about the upcoming wedding festivities. To house these two different items, the envelope was sewn

I can not fully tell you how much I am in love with these Steadfast business cards, a recent project with my church. Their Facebook page describes the group best: Steadfast Young Adults Fellowship is a group of young people between the ages of 18-35 who love Jesus Christ, love the Word of God, love others, want to reach the lost, love prayer and worship, love fellowship, and just want to keep it simple and Biblical. Acts 2:42 When asked to design these, I was asked to keep it simple with white on black but with a "saloon look." After going back and forth with them one night, we decided on using the chalkboard as a background. From there the design came quite easily. The cards will be used not only as a business card but more so as a flyer to hand out and get the group known in the community. Hoping and praying that these accomplish just that. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoeer believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. - John 3:16

One of my favorite traditions is buying our annual Disney ornament! I featured our 2011 ornament last year along with several others from previous years. This year's ornament, similar in look to last year, is our 8th annual ornament from Disneyland. I think some of my favorite Disney ornaments though are from their more rustic collection—which feature a more vintage Mickey and Minnie—wish they had these out again this year. Another new ornament this year was from our trip through Oregon, from Mutnomah Falls! And lastly, remember this beauty from the Vintage Marketplace? Well, I had a migraine and had to miss the ornament exchange, so look who is sitting pretty on my tree? What are some of your favorite ornaments?

This was a pretty great week, where I am concerned! Last weekend was a busy one but so so much fun! My mom and her friends and I went to the Vintage Marketplace, got some Christmas shopping done, and then Sunday I went to Disneyland with Jamie and Eli. Ugh, so so much fun! This weekend was full of a busy work project, Christmas card designing, oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over a friend's new 1920's engagement ring, new client meetings, and to top it off, house decorating with the husband last night. This is gonna be a good Christmas! Love to you all

1. Wendy Macnaughton's Site I love the handwritten look in print but for one of the first time's I have seen, handwriting throughout a website. Kelli Anderson has designed a website for artist Wendy Macnaughton and to truly capture Wendy's style and work, Kelli created a simple and clean site utilizing Wendy's art throughout, down to the smallest details like the links! Another awesome hit out of the park, Kelli! Found via Dribbble. 2. Disney Artist: Brittney Lee Thanks to a recent post by D23 on Facebook, I rediscovered Brittney Lee, an Visual Development Artist for Disney. After going through Brittney's work I actually found a few pieces I save quite some time ago—years ago actually. But of course my favorite piece from her recent work (2011) has to be the following of the mermaid lagoon in Peter Pan. I love the playful expressions and the bright colors, all coming together with such energy! And even the way the silhouetted trees give a vignette to the piece as a whole. New fan right here! 3.  Vintage Disneyland Postcard I love how modern illustrationists have come full circle back to the 50's. Doesn't this postcard design look like what many are trying to product today? I

Last year, I started attending the Vintage Marketplace. An craft fair held several times a year in Rainbow, California. Every year, the December fair is themed to Christmas and has a plethora of handmade and vintage goodies that are all about this wonderful holiday! This year, I asked my mom and her fabulous and fun friends to join me. We each walked away with a handful of goodies and gifts, and even a plant! Here's a few (okay, many) photos of this past weekend's adventures to the treasure trove at the Vintage Marketplace. Junk Art Gypsy This booth is new to me as I missed the summer market. Junk Art Gypsy has a very unique and different vibe than all the other vendors here, with more of a 50s feel and style. The large lit up letters would be so cool to have in any home, even though I ended up not purchasing one, I am hoping to find a home for one somewhere—anywhere—and pick one up at the next fair in March. The Beehive Cottage I had a small list of certain items I was looking for, ranging from Christmas gifts to decor for my house, but one item on the list was an ornament

Today starts the last month of 2012. Which means it's time to wrap up the thankful month of November and move into the Christmas tidings of December. This last week was just wonderful. The weekend was filled with two photo shoots, visits with friends, and even a little home rearranging around our new tv. I was actually super excited (not kidding) that the last prompt of the month was "on the wall" as I just redid this "little gallery" over the weekend. And I waited. all. week. to Instagram about it. Oh it's the little things in life, right? Oh and do you see that first photo of Mr. Grayson? Isn't he adorable? I got to feed him baby food for the first time, and I must say it was pretty fun. He didn't get quite as crazy  as Mr. Jameson did, but his little sounds asking for more were just adorable. How do I love all these babies so much? Each and every day my heart just grows and grows. Watching these babies grow really helps me see how God views us, taking pleasure in the small moments, and loving each one just as much as the other, just as unconditionally.