Evernotes Every Friday

1. 1950’s Crown Wallpaper Advertisment

Now if this doesn’t show how fun wallpaper can be, what does? Found via Pinterest from What Katie Finds.

2. Unique Tri-Fold Brochure

I always keep my eye out for unique page layouts so thanks Meghan for this one! I could foresee this translating to a cool website header too. Found via Pinterest, sourced from Creattica.

3.  Jason Sudekis Photo Design

Love the depth and character that blue photography overlay adds to the black and white photo. Found via Pinterest, sourced from High Toned.

4. Trendi Magazine Cover by Lotta Nieman

This magazine cover image is so summery and bright, I just love the handwritten headlines over the image that mimic the shape of wind blown hair. Found via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

5. Ampersand Photo Shoot

So I just love the ampersand (&)… like looooove it. Remember that if I ever get a tattoo, this would be it. So when I saw this photo shoot, I simply “awwwww’ed.” Then later that same day I happened to find a decorative bronze gold ampersand at Hobby Lobby. My love of all things ampersand continues. Found via Magnolia Rouge.

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