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Photo A Day, September—Week 3

This week… well it had the potential to start out great but the great New York escape of Sunday night set the tone for the remainder of the week. After the most adorable and fantastically fun bridal shower for Lauren had ended, our cars and trucks were packed back up and we made our way home. That is until the bed extender of one of the trucks fell off onto the road with a big peg board of the New York skyline began to make its descent. Luckily, Amie and I were right behind this truck so we were able to pull over and somehow—miraculously— fit this extender in our car (see large photo below). The fun didn’t stop there… just a half mile later we found the peg board sitting in the intersection. We were able to load it back in the truck and reattach the bed extender and of course not another mile could go by and everything fell out again. This event truly set the week for me as I woke up the next day with the WORST headache, nausea and all (no I AM NOT PREGNANT!).

All this to say, these headaches of mine had happily taken a break from my life but have now come back at full force if not worse and more frequent. Sad sad times in the Allen home this week. So again, all this to say, I totally slacked on my photo a day adventures. But that’s okay right? I am not going to stress about it, that’s for sure! On a happier note, the prompt list for October has been released on Fat Mum Slim’s blog… check it out! I of course had to look right at the 12th (my birthday) and the 14th (Lauren and Kellen’s wedding). Oh I am so excited! Enjoy this last week of September, and this first week of fall!

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