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July 2012

1. HipShot by Ax Since David Carson and his magazine Ray Gun started this design trend, it really hasn't stopped nor lost momentum. While I love the look and grunge to it, what do you think about it? Is it hard to find the meaning and read the content when it's displayed like this? Tell me what you think in the comments, please! You can view more of this magazine here. Designed by Ax, found via the Graphic Exchange. 2. Jimo Oriental Restaurant Business Cards Die cut cards are really just the coolest and (most) always leave a more lasting impression. Sometimes the die can be a little on the cheesy side but my favorite ones are when they are just so appropriate like these for Jimo Oriental Restaurant, a sushi restaurant, with their sushi inspired die cut business cards. Designed by Smart, found via Vigor Branding. 3. Lab Partners Illustration What is it about these simple two color illustrations that I love oh so much? Maybe it's the fact that with only two colors the illustrator creates such movement and intrigue, a talent I just pine for. Or maybe it's the subtle details like the wooden texture on the telephone pole? Either way, I

When our friends Lauren and Kellen booked their engagement session, with Lindsay Chavez, at Angels' Stadium, the first thought I had was to make their Save the Date look like a baseball game ticket! Their actual wedding is themed with outdoor rustic and camping items, which is totally them, but baseball is another fun activity that they love to attend and follow. So in keeping with the rusticness of their wedding we created a vintage baseball ticket for their save the date. Adding another fun twist is that Lauren is a huge Yankee fan while Kellen just loves the Angels, so what better teams to come together for a game of baseball! And I just love the way the final product came out! While researching baseball tickets and their various looks, I came across this Angels' ticket from 1962! From then on, I knew we were on the right track! And the rest of the design flowed from there. So excited for your wedding in October! Love you both!!

Three weeks until driving empty country dirt roads. Three weeks until riding horses along side my hubby. Three weeks until sunsets at 10 at night. Three weeks until Grandma Lyons' home cooked meals.* Three weeks until catching fireflies under the moonlit sky. Three weeks until I hide from the turkeys that come to roost in the giant front yard trees. Three weeks until we float down the Niobrara, God's home made lazy river. Three weeks until we stand under Smith Falls, fully immersed by the giant waterfall. Three weeks until we get to enjoy the ranch with some kiddos and cousins by our sides! Three weeks until we finally get to see Andy's grandparents again after these last two years! *Grandma Lyon's home cooked meals: Breakfast, dinner, and supper full of wonderful country foods covered in gravy. Yummy. I am just so excited for our trip coming up! I wish it was tomorrow though rather than these next three long weeks! P.S. You can see my post about our last trip in 2010, here.

I laughed as I was saving all these photos to make this post, 4 of the 7 days feature some of my favorite little men! This was such a great week, spent time with friends almost every day and started the week off with dinner and a movie with my family. On another plus side, July is normally when the summer heat really starts kicking in but so far it's barely broke 95 and that just makes me oh so very thankful! How's July been so far for you? 1/self portrait, 2/busy, 3/best part of my day, 4/fun, 5/floor, 6/chair, 7/garden P.S. It's not too late to join in on the fun, I posted the list just last week.

1. M David Media Business Card, Polaroid 300 Film Let's face it, plain ol' business cards are just not cutting it anymore. After Brandon Harrison designed a logo for Denver based wedding photographer Matt Allen, he also created these business cards utilizing Polaroid 300 film! What a great way to showcase a photographer's work through his calling card! More about this process can be found via For Print Only. 2. Silver Screen Society / Fantasia 2012 How I never heard of the Silver Screen Society is beyond me, but now I know so I must share with you all! Last week, This Paper Ship, posted a sneak peek of this piece on Instagram. Instantly recognizable as a piece from Fantasia I was so intrigued to see the final piece! Let's back up a moment

Last year, Jamie asked me to make a cars themed birthday invite for Eli's 3rd birthday. I never got to post it here but in honor of his 4th birthday I figured it's time to get it up! I have also uploaded a FREE PDF download for anyone who wants to use the background of the invite for your very own invitation. I've never done something like this before so please leave a comment if you'd like more of this sort of post, you know, downloadable graphics. All you need to do is add your own photo and text. I left the "Ready Set Go" on there for you though. Enjoy. Download Cars Themed 3rd Birthday Invitation

What a great week! Last weekend was a friend's wedding in Oak Glen and the reception in Yucaipa was catered by none other than my hubby! Sunday then was a full day of fun at the beach celebrating little Eli's big 4th birthday! Work was busy, a night in with the girls was fun and something I've been missing, and then our weekly bible study had a little BBQ at our teacher's house. And then yesterday my momma and I went to Riverside to see Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan. Best Peter Pan I've seen. A week that was full of fellowship was exactly what I needed! 24/on my mind, 25/something cute, 26/where I shop, 27/bathroom, 28/on the shelf, 29/soft, 30/a friend Join in on the photo a day fun in July! Below is the next set of prompts from Fat Mum Slim. If you're never heard of Photo A Day and want to get a glimpse of the bigger picture, Chantelle wrote up a blog post about 5 Ways Photo A Day Will Change Your Life. It's a pretty short and neat read.