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Evernotes Every Friday

1. HipShot by Ax

Since David Carson and his magazine Ray Gun started this design trend, it really hasn’t stopped nor lost momentum. While I love the look and grunge to it, what do you think about it? Is it hard to find the meaning and read the content when it’s displayed like this? Tell me what you think in the comments, please! You can view more of this magazine here. Designed by Ax, found via the Graphic Exchange.

2. Jimo Oriental Restaurant Business Cards

Die cut cards are really just the coolest and (most) always leave a more lasting impression. Sometimes the die can be a little on the cheesy side but my favorite ones are when they are just so appropriate like these for Jimo Oriental Restaurant, a sushi restaurant, with their sushi inspired die cut business cards. Designed by Smart, found via Vigor Branding.

3. Lab Partners Illustration

What is it about these simple two color illustrations that I love oh so much? Maybe it’s the fact that with only two colors the illustrator creates such movement and intrigue, a talent I just pine for. Or maybe it’s the subtle details like the wooden texture on the telephone pole? Either way, I need to start experimenting more with illustrations, that is a fact! Designed by Lab Partners, found via Eight Hour Day.

4. Rustic Mountain Wedding Invitations

While researching for a friend’s upcoming wedding invitations, I found these charming illustarted invitations. I love how their use of larger patterns almost mask that the whole background is one big illustrated landscape. Oh and I love that one single blue tree. Designed by Noteworthy* Paper & Press, found via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!


  • July 13, 2012

    I love that invitation! As for #1, I think it looks pretty rad but isn’t always practical. It would get turned down at my work…

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