Three Weeks Until South Dakota

Three weeks until driving empty country dirt roads.

Three weeks until riding horses along side my hubby.

Three weeks until sunsets at 10 at night.

Three weeks until Grandma Lyons’ home cooked meals.*

Three weeks until catching fireflies under the moonlit sky.

Three weeks until I hide from the turkeys that come to roost in the giant front yard trees.

Three weeks until we float down the Niobrara, God’s home made lazy river.

Three weeks until we stand under Smith Falls, fully immersed by the giant waterfall.

Three weeks until we get to enjoy the ranch with some kiddos and cousins by our sides!

Three weeks until we finally get to see Andy’s grandparents again after these last two years!

*Grandma Lyon’s home cooked meals: Breakfast, dinner, and supper full of wonderful country foods covered in gravy. Yummy.

I am just so excited for our trip coming up! I wish it was tomorrow though rather than these next three long weeks!

P.S. You can see my post about our last trip in 2010, here.

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