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Evernotes Every Friday

1. M David Media Business Card, Polaroid 300 Film

Let’s face it, plain ol’ business cards are just not cutting it anymore. After Brandon Harrison designed a logo for Denver based wedding photographer Matt Allen, he also created these business cards utilizing Polaroid 300 film! What a great way to showcase a photographer’s work through his calling card! More about this process can be found via For Print Only.

2. Silver Screen Society / Fantasia 2012

How I never heard of the Silver Screen Society is beyond me, but now I know so I must share with you all! Last week, This Paper Ship, posted a sneak peek of this piece on Instagram. Instantly recognizable as a piece from Fantasia I was so intrigued to see the final piece! Let’s back up a moment… This Paper Ship is a married design/photography/illustration duo from the east coast that I have previously worked with at Central Creative. Silver Screen Society “honors the many stories told through the world of cinema each month by bringing a new film and a continuous stream of creatives that carry with them their own unique interpretations and ideas.” With me still? Great! So the month of June is inspired by Fantasia and you can see the many variations created by the designers here. My two favorites in particular are of course the below image from This Paper Ship, created in their distinct whimsical style—but also this one by Jay Rogers, I just love Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, the star of the Fantasmic water and stage show at Disneyland. Whew.

3. Olympicons [GIF] by Bobby McKenna

I never tire of saying that I find icon design difficult. Taking a—sometimes a rather abstract—subject and simplifying to its most basic parts and then visualling that to be understood by the masses, yup, that’s icon design and that’s hard! haha at least for me it is! Maybe I over complicate things… anyway Bobby McKenna just posted these wonderful Olympic icons/pictograms over on Dribbble that he created for the July issue of Esquire.

4. Harvest Creative

When awesome illustrations meet clean typography, it’s just a match made in heaven for me! Combine that with an AH-mazing website design and I am hooked for life. If this is just the coming soon site for Harvest Creative, I can not wait to see the finished and final site. Seriously you must check out their site, in person, and live and then just scrooooooll. This new way of navigating site (featured in Evernotes Every back in March too) is just so much fun! Found Harvest Creative through designworklife.

5. Skype Portraits!!

Um, this is amazing. Long distance family+(Skype+projector)=family portrait. Pure genious. I am so going to take a photo with my best friends even while one is in New York asap! Found via swissmiss.

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