Evernotes Every Friday

1. Icon’s Receipts

Icon’s Rethink feature asks designers to reimagine current and commonplace objects. Berg took on the challenge by giving the common receipt a face lift and customizing each to its purchaser’s interests. Found via Pinterest.

2. Swoon

Found via designworklife.

3. Vintage Christmas

I am a fan of an unusual use of colors used in Christmas designs (see our company’s Christmas card), so this one is a favorite, with its use of tints of green and red. I also really like the texture and illustrative style. Found via Pinterest.

4. Railroad Station

A friend posted this on Pinterest last week and I really really want to go out and buy it! And put in my kitchen. Because I love it. And it’s at Bed Bath Beyond. Found via Pinterest.

5. Typographical Label

Love this unused label for a distillery in L.A., designed by Kyle Anthony Miller. Plus most, if not all, typefaces are from Lost Type Co. Found via Dribbble.

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