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December 2011

1. Cubist Bass In college, I took a intro drawing class and really loved the abstract ways of Picasso. Our assignment was to recreate a photograph using the abstract style. And I just loved it! Not being very good at drawing, I found myself enjoying the jagged lines and unrealistic proportions and placements. Every since, I've been a Picasso fan and like to decipher abstract pieces of art. This illustration, by Brad Woodard, struck that cord. Thanks Brad for reminding me of my love for abstraction. Found via Share Some Candy. 2. Brand Process I love when pins on Pinterest push the usual height. But even more so, I love when the design really requires such scale! Braid Creative pinned this photograph from Andy Bradshaw of Oneeighty. Their goal was to give a strong visual of the design process, which is "creating order out of chaos." And so what is considered a chaotic process, they simplified to a ordered sequence of events. Great work guys! Found via Pinterest. 3. Point West Website I am really enjoying these "photograph paired with clean typography slides" on the Point West website. Overall, the site has a very clean look but depth is added with these warm and textured

On Christmas Eve, three years ago, Andy and I were driving home from my parents. I was dressed in my Christmas jammies, as my sister and I had just taken our annual sister photo. As we are getting close to our neighborhood, my husband tells me, let's stop by this house in Menifee Lakes. It has the coolest decorations. Obviously, I am paraphrasing as this did happen quite some time ago. He had gone with the church's youth group to Menifee Lakes, a neighborhood that has a giant contest for Christmas decorations. On Christmas Eve, there are even horse drawn carriage rides! This family, on Calle Pompeii, sets up a Christmas village in their garage

1. Tri-fold Birth Announcement This may be a birth announcement for twins, but I love the trifold layout regardless of baby count! Found via Pinterest. 2. Ker Downey Site As a novice web designer, I am always intrigued by the use of texture in some of these highly detailed sites. The Ker Downey site just launched and is beautifully and immaculately designed by Brittan Pittman and Andrew Littmann. Found via Dribbble. 3. Large Bathroom Mirror I think our bathroom mirror may just be large enough to pull this off, I love the addition of storage! Tutorial on getting this look found on HomeTalk. Found via Pinterest. 4. Emporium Pies Scott Allen Hill must be one of my top five designers. Every project he produces is just amazing from the big picture to the tiniest detail. I am excited to see this project finalized but for now, I am happy to follow the process for Emporium Pies. Found via Dribbble. 5. Christmas Display My mom says I am too picky with Christmas decor so she's hesitant to buy me anything to add to my starving collection, so Mom, here's another example of subtle and classic Christmas decor! I guess it may be more of winter decor than Christmas, but oh

Earlier last week, the hubby and I brought in our few Christmas tubs from the garage. We didn't have the time the last two years to even decorate so we were pretty excited to put up what we had! We don't have much in Christmas decorations so it didn't take longer than 15 minutes to have everything up. We're not getting our tree until this weekend so be looking for a part 2! The Mantel Kirkland's Nativity For our wedding, my best friend's mother gave us this nativity from Kirkland Home. It is my favorite part of our decorations, from the style to the subject. I just love it. Jim Shore Christmas Donald Another favorite decoration, our Christmas Donald made by Jim Shore. We also have a pumpkin with Minnie Mouse for Halloween/Fall; she kept her appearance on top of our tv for the last two years actually. We hope to have a Jim Shore to put out for each holiday and season. Entry Way Coming Up Next! When Andy and I got married, some of our compromises included what to do with my plethora of Disney merchandise. So I have a mini table top tree that's just for my Disney ornaments. You're excited to see that, right?

1. La Pinot I adore this typography from the contrasting typefaces to the way the script weaves in and out of the sanserif type. Found via Dribbble. 2. Scrolling Website by Rally Interactive I just love the websites that are all contained in one page and you just keep scrolling. The added element of the slanted lines also helps the user find his or her way down the site. Too bad this is only a concept and never came to be! Even without the interactivity, the design is awesome! Found via Dribbble. 3. Kevin Kidney's Holiday Village Poster Process Just as I mentioned in last week's Evernotes Every, I love papercuts! And one of my favorite paper-constructionists (and Disney artist), Kevin Kidney, just posted a blog about his process in making a poster. From the initial layout to the final photography, the piece is epic in detail and perfection. Yes, the below image was made from paper. Don't believe me? See the behind the scene action here. 4. Flip I found this great logo, designed by The Hungry Workshop, while researching letterhead ideas! It takes a talent that I don't have to be able to write find a way to write forward and backward! And I love