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This past weekend I got to experience the Walt Disney Family Museum—finally! We made a trip up to San Francisco, just to make it in time to experience the Mary Blair exhibit at the museum. With only 2 hours in total to spend there, we started with Mary Blair as the thought was, the Walt Disney Family Museum will always be there and we can always come back. So that's how I ended up spending a whole hour in Mary Blair world and had to rush through the Walt Disney Family Museum at lightning speed. Yes, rush, as there are 11 galleries to experience and each one is pretty big and unique! I really didn't get to read much but just get the overall impression of each gallery and move on

1. Modern Art Museum Wedding: Kathleen + Allan I'm still just so darn excited for my friend Kathleen that her wedding was featured on the wedding blog, Green Wedding Shoes. A site a post from frequently here and check on a regular basis! So amazing. If you missed my post about it earlier this week, please go check it out! 2. How to Draw an Ampersand A few times now I've been requested to letter an ampersand (the "&" symbol) for a design in my Etsy shop. For being my favorite character out there, you'd think I would be an expert in crafting this little symbol

Now that you've seen Rachel's maternity photos, the next glimpse into the shower would be the baby shower invitations! I drew inspiration from Mary Blair's work on the credits from Cinderella and then applied Rachel's nursery's color palette with its pinks, peaches, and mint greens. The "Once Upon A Time" mark was handwritten as well as Rachel's name, then a combination of two other typefaces, a modern serif and a medieval display text completed the invite. This really was a work of love, and definitely one of my favorite invitations yet! In addition to the invitation, I created a bookmark with Rachel's favorite verse, Jeremiah 29:11, as the shower favors. Along with a print to go along with it for the nursery as well. All of these pieces of the invitation can be bought in my Etsy shop: Your New Friend Sam. In addition to the invite pieces—and to go along with the storybook theme—I created a custom bookplate stamp for Amelia's baby books. Also available in my Etsy shop. So many fun projects were created and designed for Rachel's shower! I can not wait to show you rest of the photos from the day of

Here's to another great season spent at the Happiest Place on Earth! To the memories and photographs, to the friends and laughter. See my 2010 year at Disneyland. January 28 First day of my new pass! February 11 A full day with my grandma and sister! February 23 March 11 Not only was this my first time taking pictures of Rachel at Disneyland, but we also saw my friends Lauren and Kellen along with Lauren's nephews. And Lauren's nephew Micah rapped. Good times were had by all! April 8 Riding Dumbo! May 15 Checking out the Art of Mary Blair exhibit at the Disney Gallery. June 2 Girls trip! June 6 First time riding Ariel's Undersea Adventure! June 12 A photo taken for our little friend Eli! August 31 First time on Star Tours 2.0! More photos here. September 9 A fun photo sess with Rachel in the Disneyland parking structure. More here. September 14 Yummy gumbo bread bowls for dinner with Amie while watching the Mark Twain Riverboat. October 17 A reunion of Elsinore High ladies at the Jazz Kitchen, Downtown Disney. October 30 Oh that guy, my favorite during the Sounsational Parade. November 4 A trip at sunset with an old coworker, Melanie. December 12 A trip for Rachel's 19th birthday, an unexpected rainy day. And when I say unexpected, I mean that neither of us had checked the weather

As I mentioned in yesterday's, rather late, Evernotes Every, I was prescribed muscle relaxers to help with my headaches which have taken away the headache pain but induced never ending drowsiness. Since I was planning on having a night out on Friday, my husband asked me to see if taking the muscle relaxer every other day would help with my constant drowsiness. Well, unfortunately, I had a headache

1. Mary Blair's Peter Pan I just adore the unique illustrative style of Mary Blair, an artist who worked alongside Walt Disney. Her character drawings alone stand apart and are instantly recognizable but then the landscapes she creates are so fantastical that it makes me want to be able to enter this colorful world she has created! Last weekend, Rachel and I went and perused the Mary Blair exhibit at Disneyland. We had so much fun seeing how her ideas and concepts for Small World became a reality. Remember the Cinderella piece I showed you last week? That same blog also showcased a 6 part series on Mary Blair and I found this illustration done for Peter Pan. Anything Peter Pan grabs my attention, but if it's done by Mary Blair too, then that's just awesome. She has illustrated children's books for Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella. My best friend Amie has already been instructed to gift these to me and my baby shower (whenever that may come to pass). 2. Anthony Martinez' Clermont Ferrand With so much being said in one piece, Anthony Martinez, defined a hierarchy that leads the viewer throughout the piece, starting with the title "On the