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I love to take photos of everything I do in life. My camera is something I like to keep with me at all times as if it was another appendage. But what about those moments in life where you can't have a camera? Or your husband highly suggests you to put it away so you don't carelessly loose it while speeding down the mountain on an alpine slide? Well, these moments require a mental photograph. I am so very bad at these but in reality, mental photographs force me to live life in its fullest reality, rather than behind the lens. If I just snap a photo, I feel like I just took my memory and I can review it later rather than enjoy it right then. When the camera goes away I force myself to remember the moments right as they happen

Just last month my family and I drove out to Dillon, Colorado for my cousin's lovely wedding in the mountains. Now that the event has come and gone, it's about time I share the invitation suite I designed for her! You may remember her save the date I posted at the end of last year, she wanted to keep the same elegant rustic feel for the invitations. In the meantime, she had started a wedding website on and when I saw it, I thought it would be perfect to design her stationery accordingly. So I redrew the graphics from the site, used the same typefaces as the save the date, and voila! It was also the first time setting up a file for a spot varnish! I'm also including images I took from the day of the wedding and how she incorporated their "logo" into the cake and wedding program. View more images after the jump!

Eli is my absolutely favorite two year old who has just stolen my heart from the first moment I ever saw him! He has an everlasting joy that is infectious and the moment he goes home, I miss him. This particular photo is from an afternoon spent at the park a few months ago. Now while it looks like he isn't a very happy kid, I must explain why. There are tons (and tons) of rabbits at this park in Menifee. When we first get there, they are all out on the grass, seemingly, just within reach. Eli just runs to them immediately and they all scamper away and he is heartbroken. So here he is so very sad that the rabbits don't want to play. And how does this illustrate the joy within this child? He just wants to love on everyone and share happiness with them! Including rabbits! And he is so discouraged when they don't reciprocate! But once the bunnies have gone into hiding, he moves on to the next adventure. The second photo is happy Eli, want to know why he's happy? He's about to throw those woodchips all over Lauren and me! Hope you enjoyed

When I first met Rachel, roughly 5 years ago, she was a snobby little girl at the dance studio I worked at. Over the years, I have become quite close to Rachel, her sister, and her very wonderful mom. They are the type of friends everyone needs in life, a friend to lean on, to laugh with, to cry with. When I left the dance studio 18 months ago, one of my biggest fears was losing contact with them. Why did I ever worry? I have seen them about once a month to catch up or to go to Disneyland. And since I got my new camera, Rachel has been my always willing model. Here are a few of my favorites from her senior activities: prom and graduation. Enjoy! My dear sweet Rachel, I am just so proud of all that you accomplished this past year. It was truly an honor to be invited to be at your graduation, to witness your valedictorian speech, and to see the hope for the future in your eyes. Thank you for asking me to take your photos for both graduation and your senior prom. This past year and a half getting to know you all

Over the past few months I have been trying to figure out more and more about photography. Thankfully, I've had a few ladies (and a baby) who have been open/willing to letting me take five minutes for each photo just so I can figure out all the settings and angles. It's been so fun! Here's just a few from around Disneyland—taken in some obscure places, do you know where in the parks these were taken? Thanks to my friend Courtney for the title of this blog post!

My sister has now turned 21. My sister is one who is full of life. Who easily finds joy in Disneyland and little ones. Who is one amazing baker. Who gets super duper excited about birthdays! And that's when the plates hit the floor. Yes this was a rather mortifying moment for her, but to all the witnesses, it was quite funny. I love to see my godmother and grandmother's expressions. But to be fair, a counter to the funny moment, here's a portrait I took of her before dinner as well.

I am not a photographer, but I sure love to take photos! Photos of anything! Landscapes, plants, architecture and more recently, of people. At the end of January, my point and shoot Canon camera broke, but luckily I had been saving for SLR and was able to get a Nikon D3000 and it rejuvenated my love for photography all the more! A wonderful friend of mine, Jessica, of J Rose Photography, invited me to come along with her on an engagement shoot. She was going give me some pointers about how to even use my camera and give me a chance to be on the other side of the camera on a photo shoot. I knew photographers had a stressful job, but I had never understood the urgency and efficiency needed on a shoot. I had always been the one being photographed, usually by my husband's boss, Carolyn. I always felt so relaxed, it was always fun getting your photo taken. But wow, are things different on the other side! When we first started the shoot, I was still figuring out the right setting on my camera and Jess said they were ready for the next location! The other thing that