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April 2011

1. Harvest 2011 Rarely do I let a Ty Mattson piece go by without including it in an Evernotes Every! The following piece really had no chance though! Not only is it skillfully created in Mattson's illustrated style, but it's for Harvest, the Christian crusades in Southern California, and it has a classic Disneyland icons. Really, how perfect is this piece for me to post?! 2. The Girl with the Bow Dress How sweet is the follow image? Not only is it beautifully lit, but her hair and dress move so subtly! It just love it! And there's a ton more on the From Me to You tumblr. This one in particular was created for Katie Ermilio. 3. Geri's Pets I can't let a Evernotes Every sneak away without some Disney love.  Designed by Andrew Kolb, when asked to contribute by the Pixar Times. I am huge fan of hidden secrets throughout the Disney parks and films, but this poster sums all that up, themed to Pixar. There are items and characters from all the Pixar features and their shorts. I must admit that there's a few I can't like the Incredibles or even Toy Story

My sister has now turned 21. My sister is one who is full of life. Who easily finds joy in Disneyland and little ones. Who is one amazing baker. Who gets super duper excited about birthdays! And that's when the plates hit the floor. Yes this was a rather mortifying moment for her, but to all the witnesses, it was quite funny. I love to see my godmother and grandmother's expressions. But to be fair, a counter to the funny moment, here's a portrait I took of her before dinner as well.

1. End Credits of Tangled by Shiyoon Kim I just love seeing concept art or fan-art for beloved films, especially Disney films. I finally saw Tangled last week and during the end credits I fell in love with the artistic look and feel of the illustrations. Thanks to Google, I found the artist, Shiyoon Kim, who also helped with the character development throughout the film. There's several more glimpses of the end credits on his blog, but really, you should watch the film! It's great, very inspiring to go after your dreams and when that dream is achieved, go after another! Loved it! 2. Broken Trail BBQ Sauce Andy and I have been researching ideas for Rooftop BBQ's new sauce line so when I saw these, desinged by Imginaria Creative I was inspired. I can't wait to design our new labels! 3. Watercolor Fashion Illustration - C'est Magique I found this lovely watercolor illustration on Pinterest, isn't it beautiful? I love the soft underlying lines and how her face is only defined by her features, not an outline of her actual face. This particular one sold on Etsy, but there's many more in a similar style. 4. Music City Unsigned for the American Cancer Society This poster

Thank you Lauren for featuring Creating for Our Creator in your list of bloggers! That was so sweet to see! You can read Lauren's full feature on her blog, Tuesday Love: Bloggers. Quick story, awhile back, my friend Jessica, had told me to check out another one of Lauren's Tuesday Love's posts, Tuesday Love on a Wednesday, and after reading that post and several others, I knew Lauren and I were destined to be blogging friends because we were SO MUCH ALIKE! So to be feautured on her blog just made my night, and my week! Thanks again Lauren!

I am not a photographer, but I sure love to take photos! Photos of anything! Landscapes, plants, architecture and more recently, of people. At the end of January, my point and shoot Canon camera broke, but luckily I had been saving for SLR and was able to get a Nikon D3000 and it rejuvenated my love for photography all the more! A wonderful friend of mine, Jessica, of J Rose Photography, invited me to come along with her on an engagement shoot. She was going give me some pointers about how to even use my camera and give me a chance to be on the other side of the camera on a photo shoot. I knew photographers had a stressful job, but I had never understood the urgency and efficiency needed on a shoot. I had always been the one being photographed, usually by my husband's boss, Carolyn. I always felt so relaxed, it was always fun getting your photo taken. But wow, are things different on the other side! When we first started the shoot, I was still figuring out the right setting on my camera and Jess said they were ready for the next location! The other thing that