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A Christmas Special from J Rose Photography I know I have mentioned my friend Jessica before, but as a reminder, she is the owner of J Rose Photography, and we are combining our talents this Christmas to bring you some extra holiday cheer! I am designing Jessica five custom Christmas cards for her clients' cards, but as a reader of my blog she is giving you an extra 10% off your portraits and session! Meaning you will get 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 8 wallets, and 25 Christmas cards with your portrait session for only $135. So grab your husband, your wife, your kiddos, or even your whole family and call Jessica at 951.903.4092 or email her at Yay! And Merry Christmas! P.S. I'll be posting examples of the Christmas cards next week, so be looking for that post!

As with all good birthdays, there was food. This post is actually less about my birthday but more about what I ate on my birthday. But that's okay with me! Did you read my 25 Wishes post a couple weeks ago? Well, here I mark off two wishes! seafood dinner chocolate chip cookies Thanks to my husband and Kathleen for checking those goodies off! Andy made me, our friends, and my family shrimp and shredded beef tacos. He didn't want to be photographed even touching the shrimp so you'll see I had to get creative on that shot! He also made a jalapeno white sauce that they serve at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Miguel's Cocina, on Coronado Island. Yum yum yum! Then Kathleen made me cookies!! She makes the BEST cookies! So delicious

Finally! Finally, after three months since its opening day, I took a ride into the futuristic lands of Star Wars with Star Tours. I loved it! I was never a devoted fan to the original though so I am not the best person to look to for a full review/comparison of the ride. It's definitely a good time and that's the point of the ride, isn't it? Before I share my photos from the trip, I just wanted to let all of you know about this awesome iPhone/Android app that will help you keep track of which destinations you made it to as there are over 50 scenarios for your trip. The app can be found here: Download Disney World iOS App | Download Disneyland iOS App Download Disney World Android App | Download Disneyland Android App But if you don't have an iPhone or Droid, or don't care to download it, you can track your progress online here. And here's a quick run through of the various destinations and variations: The rebel spy beginning will begin with one of these characters Darth Vader Scan droid First planet stop you can visit Hoth (Empire Strikes Back battle) Kashyyyk Tatooine (Pod racing scene) You will receive a hologram message from Princess Leia Yoda Admiral Ackbar Second planet stop

Were you watching The Great Food Truck Race? My husband is nothing short of obsessed with the show. So when my friend Brittany posted on Facebook about a food truck meet up in Fullerton, we had to go! Getting there and seeing all those trucks and massive lines was rather overwhelming so here's a quick glimpse into what we had that night so that if you go to the next one, you'll know where to stop (and where not to)! But first, a photo of our drive to Fullerton

On September 10, the girls and I (plus little Eli) went down to visit the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow/Fallbrook. I had first heard of it on the blog, Huckleberry Prairie, and had it saved on my calendar since she went in June. It was so fun walking around all the little shops, there was so much more little knick knacks than I was expecting! I thought there would be primarily larger pieces of furniture and decor but I think there were more items that could fit in the palm of your hand

These are a few more of my favorites from our "mini photo shoot before riding some rides at Disneyland." I posted this sneak peek on Saturday because I was just too excited about how the photos taken on the top level (Minnie) of the Disney parking structure's turned out! Here's a few more for your viewing pleasure and I hope to get the rest posted to Facebook when they're ready! Thank you again Rachel for always being the willing model and being patient with me while I continue to practice and learn more about photography! The sun was quickly setting so the following photo was taken on our walk from the parking structure to Downtown Disney. There was a small opening in the trees, allowing just enough light to shine on her face. Once we got into Downtown Disney, the sun was blocked by the Disneyland Hotel (good to know next time!) so we took a few more photos and then headed into the park. And here's one last photo

As our wedding anniversary gets closer, I start to reminisce about the past and occasions that I promised myself never to forget. One such occasion would be the trip my best girlfriends and I took a month before Andy and I got married in August 2007. It was one of my favorite trips I have ever been on. It was a time in life before marriages, babies, graduations, conflicts, careers, and moves across the country. A time where we were just six women who were looking forward to living our lives without a care in the world. And the laughter, the gut wrenching, cracking up til you're crying laughter. I will always remember this trip so fondly and whenever I think of San Francisco, I think of these girls and these friendships that I cherish so much. P.S. I don't have these photos on my computer so these are linked from Myspace. Holla back at that!!

This past weekend, I found myself up in the Rockies of Colorado for a second time this summer, but this time it was for a BBQ competition with Rooftop Barbeque. On our "day off" the team went up to Breckenridge to enjoy the sights, after stopping at Sapphire Point for a gorgeous view of Lake Dillon. We had no idea what to do up in Breckenridge as none of us had been there before. But luckily we found a free gondola to take us up to the ski resort. This gondola whisked us away above the highway, through the trees, and up into the fog and misty rain. Once we got up to the resort, we still weren't sure what to do but us "kids" decided to go on the alpine slide while the "adults" took the chair lift up even further to see the sights. Minutes after our trip down the slide, they shut it down, expecting the storm hit. Us Californians were still moseying about, thinking it'll just rain a bit, nothing too big of a deal. But within minutes we were soaked through, stuck on the top of the mountain, waiting for a bus to come pick us up as