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The Vintage Marketplace

On September 10, the girls and I (plus little Eli) went down to visit the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow/Fallbrook. I had first heard of it on the blog, Huckleberry Prairie, and had it saved on my calendar since she went in June. It was so fun walking around all the little shops, there was so much more little knick knacks than I was expecting! I thought there would be primarily larger pieces of furniture and decor but I think there were more items that could fit in the palm of your hand… like jewelry, buttons, dominos, scrabble tiles, etc.

We wandered through all the shops just window shopping. Then once we went through the whole market, we went back to make our purchases. I bought a large white wooden frame that I plan to use in a future project and a set of Golden Books from the 1950s and 60s. Total, I spent $22. I was so excited! Jess bought a old window frame that had been made into a chalkboard.

Enjoy our photos of the day… in total we spent an hour there, but next time I plan to take more time to fully explore each shop. It was a perfect Saturday morning.

These next few photos are from the Touched by Time shop. It’s where we ended up buying all our items! She also sells at Granny’s Attic in Temecula.

Thanks Jamie for taking a photo of us with our treasures!

The next Vintage Marketplace is December 2-3 from 9am-4pm. Hope to see you there!

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