Lauren and Kellen’s Engagement Photos in the Woods, Menifee

Well the wedding came and went in a whirlwind of fun and laughter. Now Andy and I are in cloudy and cold Washington enjoying a much needed vacation while Kellen and Lauren are enjoying a sunny ocean filled honeymoon in Hawaii. Before too much more time has past, I wanted to share a few photos I took of the almost married couple for their wedding invitation.

We only needed one photo for the RSVP card so we were there and gone within 15 minutes if not less than that! Here’s the photo side of their RSVP card, I will share more of the invitation (and hopefully some wedding photos) next week too.

And here’s two more that didn’t make the cut for the RSVP card but I still just loooooove how they came out!

Ah! I seriously just adore them! Mr. & Mrs. Wagoner I mean… 🙂 Okay okay, I adore the way the photos came out too!

See ya next week!

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