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26 Wishes

So guess what?! My birthday is next week, kinda forgot about it actually. But never fear, in case you forgot too here is my 26 wishes for birthday gifts. 🙂 Remember my 25 Wishes last year? Totally just a fun little post of some of my favorite things! Yay!

1. OPI Nail Polish

I got my first OPI nail polish this week—I never got the hype, never understood how a nail polish could be so amazing—but I get it now. And now I want to try every color!

2-7. New Books

I just love reading—okay I may like looking at and buying new books rather than the actual time it takes to read! ha!

8. Ampersand Necklace

This is actually one of the few realistic wishes for my birthday, it’s just too adorable and too perfect for me and my neck!

9. Ampersand Tattoo

Oh and speaking of ampersands, its the dream tattoo too.

10. 31 Bits

For quite some time now I have admired the 31 Bits jewelry lines from afar but its time to own it myself now right right?

11. The Avengers on Blue-Ray

Does this really need an introduction?

12. See The Dark Knight Rises in Theaters

There has not been one single opportunity to see the Dark Knight Rises in theaters, and I just have to see it on the big screen!

13. Vintage Fan

Yup, totally need this to complete our living room. Really really neeeeed it. 😉 I am pretty sure this is the appropriate use of the word “need.”

14. Jewelery Display

Thanks to my mom and my friends, my jewelry collection has been ever growing and now I need a cool way to display it for easy access!

15. Photo Ledge

Still wanting one of these to grace our upstairs hallway wall. But now I am wondering if I want one shorter one in addition to the first to add some height!

16. Speedball Speedy Carve Stamp Making Kit

I have been wanting to learn how to make stamps for quite awhile but I could never find a kit to do so at Michaels, but thanks to this A Beautiful Mess DIY, now I know which kit to get—sold on Amazon!

17. Dip Pens

I really really want to learn calligraphy. I just adore all the various styles and want to find my very own look! Thanks to Lindsay Letters sharing her list of tools, I am wishing for some of my very own dip pens. Please oh please.

18. Bamboo Tablet

The more and more I grow to love the art of the handmade design, the more I long for a Bamboo tablet that will aid in taking the handmade straight to the screen.

19. Letterpress Machine

Luckily this post is for dreaming, otherwise my wish for my very own letterpress machine would not have made the cut!

20. This Paper Ship Print

Totally want this to hang in the office. I just adore This Paper Ship’s work. Love them!

21. ”Partners” Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Statue

Can’t have a room themed around Disneyland without a miniature of the Partners statue!

22-23. Disneyland Attraction Posters

Totally wishing away for more Disneyland posters to join our Pirates of the Caribbean one on the walls of our “Disney room.”

24. Disneyland Paris

I know, I know I asked for this last year too, but a girl can dream.

25. Tokyo Disney Sea

Oh and speaking of internation Disney Resorts, I have really fallen for Tokyo Disney Sea as well this year. It seems like such a beautiful and innovative park that Walt would have been proud of.

26. Chevy Equionox

This brings up the “Great Allen Vehicle Debate” on which do we need first: a gas effecient car to replace our Toyota Corolla or a truck to tow BBQ related items. This is my vote.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!


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