Evernotes Every Friday

Retro Muppet Concert Posters

Personal projects are some of my favorite to look at as you can see the passion the designer has for the subject. I love Michael De Pippo’s use of the hair as negative space in his vin­tage con­cert poster series for the upcom­ing film, The Muppets. Plus the posters present an interesting concept for marketing. Wouldn’t it be neat if movies actually featured the fictious bands/companies/etc in their movies as promotional pieces? Found via designworklife.

Ride Concept Competition: First Place Goes to The Villa Tempus

While I insist—until the day that I die—that I came up with most of the concepts for the new Ariel’s Undersea Adventure at Disney California Adventure, I was intrigued by this ride concept contest set up by Imagineering Disney. The winners have finally been announced and the following image is a concept rendering of Mike Schwalm’s The Villa Tempus. This concept is not just for a short 5-8 minute attraction though. It’s a full blown evening long event with dinner included! Read more about Schwalm’s attraction (based upon Time Machine by H.G. Wells) and the second and third place entries here.


Yes, this is how I see the world everyday, every moment! Found via Pinterest.

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