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So guess what?! My birthday is next week, kinda forgot about it actually. But never fear, in case you forgot too here is my 26 wishes for birthday gifts. :) Remember my 25 Wishes last year? Totally just a fun little post of some of my favorite things! Yay! 1. OPI Nail Polish I got my first OPI nail polish this week—I never got the hype, never understood how a nail polish could be so amazing—but I get it now. And now I want to try every color! 2-7. New Books I just love reading—okay I may like looking at and buying new books rather than the actual time it takes to read! ha! 8. Ampersand Necklace This is actually one of the few realistic wishes for my birthday, it's just too adorable and too perfect for me and my neck! 9. Ampersand Tattoo Oh and speaking of ampersands, its the dream tattoo too. 10. 31 Bits For quite some time now I have admired the 31 Bits jewelry lines from afar but its time to own it myself now right right? 11. The Avengers on Blue-Ray Does this really need an introduction? 12. See The Dark Knight Rises in Theaters There has not been one single opportunity to see the Dark Knight Rises

I turn 25 in one week from today. In a totally unselfish act of kindness for all my friends and family, here's a list of 25 things I am wishing for my birthday. I did this for all of you. You are so very welcome. 1. C.O. Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine 2. A roll of kraft paper for Christmas gifts 3. Dave's Insanity hot sauce 4. Freshly Bakes Chocoloate Chip Cookies (still warm from baking) 5. David Crowder Band to remain a band forever