Evernotes Every Friday

1. Pixar Logo Animations

This was fun to watch, seeing how far one the greatest (next to Disney of course) animation studio ever, Pixar, has come over the decades. Found via Brand New.

2. Lesley Barnes

I was really drawn to the illustration work of Lesley Barnes. Each piece made me smile, from the characters to the saturated colors. Found via Design Work Life.

3. Mohawk Paper

Another Design Work Life find, shows such an inspiring video to get to work, with your hands, making high quality crafts. See more from Mohawk Paper. What will you make today?

4. Biz Ladies Profile: Dana Tanamachi

Yet another week where I have to mention Dana Tanamachi, but this girl is just all over the place. And she is such an inspiration. In response to a question regarding starting your own business, she said:

Know your strengths. If you’re good at something, you’ll usually be passionate about it. Typically, we look at it from the other way around, but sometimes (and if we’re honest) we’re not that great at everything we’re passionate about. And in starting a business, we’ve got to be realistic. Both passion and skill have got to be there!

Read the whole interview here on Design*Sponge.

5. Art Display Frame

I love this concept for a frame! Such a cool and easy way to display art, and it would be easy to switch out different pieces. Found via Brave the Woods.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Austin City Limits

Andy and I have always dreamed of living outside of California, in either the Pacific Northwest or in Colorado… but with my husband’s undying passion for all things BBQ, Texas has now been added to the table. So when I saw this adorable and so very cool illustration of all things Austin, I just had to save it. I may one day need to post this Invisible Creature’s graphic in a someday blog post titled “We Are Moving to Austin!” But until that day I will just admire the many details of this illo, from its colors to its creative use of all things geometric from my office in southern California. Designed for Austin City Limits Music Festival by Invisible Creature, found via Veerle.

2. Ann Shen’s Alphabet Print

In July, I posted about our weekend away for Kathleen’s bachelorette party… while at the Renegade Craft Fair I discovered the work of Ann Shen… and I seriously fell in love with her style. Especially this Storybook Alphabet Print that gives a giant nod to Disney without being ” too Disney,” plus it includes so many more storybook characters. Which is totally me, I do after all want a storybook themed baby shower… and I kinda want a baby to justify having to buy this adorable print. But until then, I have saved it in the back of my mind for whenever that day comes. But seriously, check out Ann’s Etsy shop, so many cute cute things. Next on my wish list would be her Once Upon A Time print, notice the theme?

3. Warehouse Wedding

When we got married 6 years ago, Pinterest wasn’t a thing and it was just at the beginning of the “wedding blog phenomenon” Okay, wedding blogs totally could have been a thing and I just didn’t have a clue. I also had no sense of style and left wedding planning to my husband, mother, and amazing florist. Anyway, after seeing this post on Green Wedding Shoes, I think this may be what my wedding would look like today. In large part, this wedding’s decor reminds me of my house but in wedding form. They even have a giant [pirate] ship! Oh man, I’m in love… See oodles and oodles of more photos here.

4. 25 Great Cake Stands

I’ve made a few cake stands, but I don’t actually own one myself. I think I may need to add this to my wish list next year… even though it’s not a “stand,” I really like the one toward the end of this Design*Sponge list, the mercury “glass-esque” one (Victorian Cake Dome).

5. Courtyard of Angels – Now Closed…

Back in January, I posted about my favorite spot in Disneyland: the Courtyard of Angels. And since then, they have decided to close that spot and reopen it as the entrance to Club 33 (I’ve totally been there!!). While that will make the entrance to the club more epic, I will miss my quiet little corner of the park. But its more than just a quiet corner, I enjoyed this article on Micechat, I think he summed it up quite well by reminding us that Disneyland was created to flow like a movie:

One of the things Walt Disney loved to do was to add little surprises throughout the park that guests could stumble upon. In filmmaking they were known as interstitials, events between the major events. Within the best films, you need occasional pauses in the action to catch your breath. If you remove them, the film would be a chaotic jumble of raw emotions. Disneyland and Walt Disney World were designed with interstitials in mind and that is why they are not a Six Flags style amusement park.

Read the full article here.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Burton Skateboards by Dana Tanamachi

I wish I would have seen this in time for my 27 Wishes post! These are pretty much the most gorgeous snowboards I have ever seen. Oh how I love EVERY SINGLE piece of work Dana Tanamachi puts out!! See more images including some behind the scenes production work here.

2. Envelope Addressing Technique

One of my favorite things to do is letter envelopes… I have no idea why but its fun to get creative and try out different writing techniques along the way. It’s definitely where I’ve gotten the most practice in hand lettering (thanks to the many events of the Pankratz wedding)! But what I haven’t mastered yet, or taken the time and patience for, the address portion. I love to write the names in cursive but then the address usually defaults to my usually printing. But I love love love this concept of hand writing the address and then using a banner like shaped label for the address, bonus points for the wrap around to encompass the return address too!! Found via Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

After reading a few posts from the ladies who attended the Designer Vaca  from this past weekend, I started following some new boards on Pinterest. The next three features are about these new finds of mine…

3. Kayla Adams on Pinterest

I love so many of Kayla’s boards… her likes seem to mirror mine with the range of design to photography filled in with quite a few wedding related pins too! Follow Kayla here.

4. Shauna Haider on Pinterest

I’ve posted a few times from the Nubby Twiglet blog, aka Shauna Haider, a Designer Vaca attendee. So that name may stand out to you! While I have been following her blog for quite some time, for whatever reason, I never made it over to her Pinterest account! And I have definitely be missing out… Follow Shauna here.

5. Megan Gilger on Pinterest

And lastly, my most recent new follow: Megan Gilger. She posts fashionable finds and pins from her blog of her traveling adventures… oh what fun. Follow Megan here.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Gulp Milkshake

I think the majority of graphic design students have to illustrate an action word, making that word into an image of itself… after seeing Gulp Milkshakes, they would totally win! Found via The Dieline.

2. G & J Monogram

Seriously one of the best monograms I have ever seen in my whole life. Gorgeous work! Designed by kissmiklos, found via Pinterest.

3. Smart Lids

Another ingenious packaging design: travel lid changes color to show hot temperatures!  Designed by Smart Lids System, found via The Dieline.

4. Presents from the North Pole

Is it too early to be pinning Christmas wrapping ideas?? Because I could not resist seeing this oh so adorable and creative packaging that makes each gift a special delivery straight from the North Pole! Originally from LMNOP, found via Pinterest and Lolalina’s blog.

5. Bird Cage Table

While I am no fan of birds… inside or outside… I do think this table is pretty cool! Designed by Gregoire De Lafforest, found via Looks Like Good Design.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. The Type Deck

These are the most beautiful playing cards I’ve ever seen! Now that I’ve learned how to play poker—have I shared about that yet, Internet?—I’ve been on a playing card spree. Mostly just collecting them as souvenirs during our trip. Anyway, these gorgeous cards have already been fully funded on Kickstarter but you can still get in with a pack for putting up $15 toward the start of the project. Found via Mr. Cup.

2. Our City, Our Home Mural

Hand painted on brick… it’s just gorgeous! Love the behind the scenes images of this installation. Created by Bryan Patrick Todd, another find via Mr. Cup.

3. That’s So Crazy It Just Might Work

Go check out this Kickstarter (yes another one)… it has an awesome video (rant/ that I can’t play here… WordPress.com, please support iframe! /endrant) that you should check out. Basically, its a webshow that will interview people who have done the impossible… showing how they got from square 1 to square 70. Found via Swiss Miss.

We want to do a web show about creativity, entrepreneurship, and uncertainty. And we need your help to do it.

4. 26 Ingenious Home Ideas

This post from Design*Sponge had me smiling at the computer screen for a good 5 minutes! So many great—and easy—ideas! Of course I am showing one of the more “boring” images but its so simple, hence the label “ingenious!”

5. Custom House Portrait

Just last week I posted about Emily Henderson and my new following of her blog… well here she is again, already!

I love this concept… and to have your house in a stylized portrait would certainly make it a great memory down the road.

Just send a snapshot of the house to Danielle Krysa (The Jealous Curator) and boom, there she goes making it into art!

Evernotes Every Friday

1. The Progression of Storytelling

Really enjoyed this short video found on Brave the Woods! Joe Sabia has great storytelling skills—all using his iPad to supply the visuals. Just watching made me so excited to create and read and learn and share! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did or at least I hope it brings a smile to your face this Friday morning!

2. Once in A Lullaby

Adorable poster by The Heads of State (and congrats on the new site!)… Love how they created the telephone wires into music notes.

3. Emily Henderson

I’ve always been a fan of Emily Henderson after seeing her compete and win HGTV’s Design Star. I watched her show as often as I could but now—thanks to this Design*Sponge article—I have discovered her blog! My favorite quote in this write up was her response to “what’s the best business advice you’ve ever received:”

Sell a product/service you’d actually buy yourself. Seems like a no brainer, but there are so many times that I could have done something cheap and easy or just kinda generic, but I always ask myself  ’Would I want to live in this room? Would I buy this pillow for this price? Would I read this blog?’ And if the answer isn’t a total ‘yes!’ then I change it. I consider myself my best customer because I know that so many people need the same things at the same price point as I do. I’m not sure if this makes it the most profitable that it can be, but I’m almost always really proud of what I’ve done.

Biz Ladies Profile: Emily Henderson  Biz Ladies Emily Henderson

4. Heidi Swapp

Working on my brides’ scrapbooks last year made me find within myself a love of scrapbooking! Obviously I love to create, but after years of seeing my mom scrapbook, I never had much interest in making them myself. But oh how I love it! It’s more freeing and forgiving than graphic design! All that to say, I have developed a strong relationship with Michael’s and am loving any and all of the products in Heidi Swapp’s line… I gasped when I saw this pin from her on handwriting! My two new loves combined in one: scrapbooking and handwritten goodness!

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Calendar by Elizabeth Ward

Neat concept for a calendar—a variety of found expiration dates and the like by Elizabeth Ward. Found via Looks Like Good Design.

2. NY’s Fashion Week Pinterest Graphics

Sketchy graphics created for New York’s Fashion Week and Pinterest. Love the fun spin on a more sophisticated subject. New work from Matt Stevens.

3. DC 2024

Big fan of these concepts that have been presented as Washington D.C. bids for the 2024 Olymics. More can be found on Shane Helm’s Dribbble.

4. Evidently Characters

These little animal characters for Evidently made me smile—inspired by their office pups. Found via Brand New.

5. Industrial Lighting

Seriously fell in love with these industrial lights from Luke Lamp Co when they were featured in a recent Etsy email. Love love love.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Pixelist

Inspired by Jess’ guest post last week, I love this concept of turning iPhone/Instagram images (pretty low resolution for prints) into custom paintings! Their Indiegogo (like Kickstarter) was fully funded, sign up to be notified for more information! Found via swiss-miss.

2. Hugo’s

Oh yes,  would totally buy hot sauce that sets their business cards on fire to look cool… and that have a degree symbol instead of an apostrophe in their name. And I am being totally serious. Found via designworklife.

3. Spicy Type

Speaking of hot foods, type created in spices! Yum-mo! (Gee, I must be hungry…) Created for Canada’s Target, by Danielle Evans… found via I Am Mr. Cup, Tumblr.

4. American Provisions

Some more beautiful type… just gorgeous. Found via Once New Vintage.

5. H&M Home Collection

Thanks to Ez on CreatureComforts.com, I have found and fallen in love with H&M’s Home collection. It’s not too early for Christmas shopping… for myself… is it?


Evernotes Every Friday

Again, I must thank Jessica from J. Rose Photography for filling in for me today. After last weekend’s bridal shower and this week spending time with my best friends doing wedding stuff and catching up… I just wasn’t able to scour the interwebs for a post. I sure do love Jess’ guest posts though, you can read more of her own blog here.

Hi there, it’s Jess! Yes I am back with another guest post for you. Yay!

Today I have something exciting to share with you,
but first let’s talk about what we are all guilty of doing..
taking pictures and just having them sit on a computer space..
and sit, and sit forever.
Oh of course they’re on Facebook, but as a photographer you need to listen to me
when I tell you that you have to do something else with them!

I think I might be able to help..

I’ve come up with five different things that you can do with your photos.

1. Memory Game by Pinhole Press

I of course discovered this amazing little site via Pinterest. I saw this memory game and fell in love, unfortunately Grayson is still too young to be memorizing objects. Buuut our dear buddy Elijah who was turning five is the perfect age. I hopped on his momma’s Instagram feed and took screenshots of all of the photos that I wanted to use. Then cropped them to size in Photoshop, (you of course don’t have to do it this way but I just wanted pictures that Eli was familiar with, but not having to bother Jamie for them) Seriously you guys, Pinhole Press has some pretty amazing things! Especially in the kids products, I want to order a bunch of things for G!



2. Canvas portraits

This is all the new rage in the photography industry. I feel like I am seeing these everywhere now, and I love it! Sometimes you don’t need a fancy frame and mat, all you need is a beautiful image printed on a nice sturdy canvas. You can get these canvases in different sizes so that you can hang any type of arrangement on the wall you choose. I am now offering these on my product menu after each session.



3. Books and Albums.

Another one of my favorite products are Layflat books. These books are a perfect way to display your photos for years. They come in a variety of sizes and different cover types and colors, and I love that your photographs are flush mounted inside the book. They come in sizes like 5×7 or square sizes (my favorite) anywhere from 5×5 up to 12×12.


4. Printstgram.

I don’t know if you take as many iPhone photos as I do but it my favorite way to capture our every day memories. I pretty much love anything they make but their mini square prints are my favorite! You can get 48 mini square prints or 24 regular for $12. It takes a lit bit of work but I’ve put all of the ones I’ve printed so far in an album. A calendar might be next, everyone knows I sure take enough pictures to have one for every day of the year! (Are you on Instagram? HERE I am!)



5. Photo transfer project.

Are you ready for a DIY?! A couple of years ago I looked all over for a photo transfer project, I even tried a few that just did not work out. Then low-and-behold, I found one at A Beautiful Mess.. Of course I did, those girls think of everything! I love how they turn out, not absolutely perfected, but totally perfect for me. Here is a link to the DIY in case you are interested.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Dana Tanamachi’s Chalk Book Covers

I’ve been loving on Dana’s chalk work for quite some time now… so now that I see she has illustrated and created several book covers for Puffin Books… well you see, my heart grew two whole sizes and my eyes turned into big hearts like in the cartoons. And for $7.19 on Amazon this could be mine… Add to cart, checkout!! Wizard of Oz and Pippi Longstocking are also available in addition to Peter Pan. Found via designworklife.

2. D23 Expo

This past weekend was the D23 Expo in Anaheim… I was granted tickets for the very first expo a few years ago and I think I may need to purchase tickets for the next one in two years again. Thankfully, this year, I was able to read a very in depth article on the expo and all there was to see in my favorite Disney blog, Mice Chat. I mean they had an entire wing dedicated to Imagineering, with real Imagineers there to talk with guests. Ahh!!

3. DIY Framed Chalk Entryway

I’m loving this chalkboard wall that Ez created on Creature Comforts. It’s just darling, I love the mixture of medias too that really take this installation to the next step making it a real gallery. My husband I may not be daring enough to paint on the wall, but I like the idea of several framed chalkboards mixed in with other art pieces. See more of this DIY and a painted striped rug DIY here.

4. DIY Wire Basket

Another DIY I found on Creature Comforts this week was a link to Four Corners Design with their tutorial on creating wire baskets out of hardware cloth / woven wire. I love the industrial look of wire baskets but the cost of them sometimes outweighs the product even at Home Goods. Definitely a DIY worth looking into!

5. 15 Ways to Use a Ladder at Home

And lastly, for today, another home product I love… ladders! I have been bugging the hubby to get a ladder to act as a shelving unit and also side table but he’s not digging it. So I will lust after them in this article from Design*Sponge: 15 Way to Use a Ladder at Home. If all else fails, the crate wall in my office just may be tall enough to merit a ladder! (yes, I still have yet to blog my amazing office redo…)