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1. Bone Daddy's Identity System From the color to the illustrations, everything about Bone Daddy's identity system is in your face screaming look at me (in a good way)! Designed by Matchbox Studio, the identity covers the menu, business cards, coasters, and note cards. I may be starting to be partial to BBQ design but this is just awesome. I love the illustration style (by Nate Williams) and the custom typefaces. It's all just so wonderful and is making me crave some 'que

1. The Wheatfield's Going to California Print While I love these rainy, cloudy Southern California days, many of my fellow residents do not. Here's an image for all of you who are looking forward to spring, a season that lasts a short time around here! This was created by Katie Daisy and is sold through her Etsy shop, The Wheatfield. Her work is so bright and colorful, just puts you in a good mood no matter what! She has a lot more prints, and other states, for sale as well. Found via August Empress. 2. Holy Heck's Gaslight District Identity I have seen the work from Heck House before, but it wasn't until a post on Graphic Exchange that I saw the Gaslight identity. Brand identity is hard to do, keeping things simple, but not boring is hard! Really it is! And truthfully, envelopes don't get enough credit. Sometimes, your envelope is your first impression given to your client. Bethany Heck did a marvelous job on creating the identity for Gaslight District, a clothing company. I love the way she designed the proportions of the address, with the numbers being set apart and much larger than the rest, with a more decorative typeface.

1. Sign Art Would it be silly to make new signs that look like old signs? Nutmegger Workshop doesn't think so! Found this Facebook album by Nutmegger Workshop via design work life. 2. Matilda Jane Web Design My favorite female designer, Promise Tangeman, has just released her latest web design work for Matilda Jane, a clothing company. The layers of graphic detail and texture always makes Promise's work stand out from the rest. Found on Promise's blog, visit the live site here. 3.Baby Maeve's Gray Gold and White Letterpress Announcement Designed by her parents, little Maeve's announcement is beautifully designed down to its packaging, a muslin bag. The image below was my favorite from the set as I love the typography layout but there's plenty more images on Oh So Beautiful Paper's blog. It's amazing what can be accomplished with a two color print. Found on Oh So Beautiful Paper, designed by Oscar & Emma. 4. Dana Tanamachi Chalk Lettering I love typography which, if you have been following my Evernote Every postings, you would know

1. Songs for An End Time Army Album Cover While working and reworking a Photoshop collage this week, this caught by eye by the way the many elements create a cohesive scene. The blue brings your eye to the center of the image, the focal point, leading your eye up to the hands of God and then your eye follows the cloud down to the bottom to finish out the piece. And as a bonus there are many delightful details throughout. This was found through Ismael Burciaga's new (to me at least) site, Album Art Collection and designed by Church Media Group. 2. This is the Focus Poster A poster designed by Rob Loukotka. He wanted to "create a design that’s self-referential, that describes its own creation to the viewer." The text is actually describing what you are seeing like repetition, radial symmetry, and negative space. It's quite comical and beautiful at the same time. First found via a detail shot posted on Dribbble and then the full image on his website. 3. The First Noel Book Cover This book cover was illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen for Golden Press, 1959. I know nothing more about it than that but I loved the illustrated

1. I Love Dust's Sea Cider Packaging What's not to love about these fun colorful illustrations designed by I Love Dust for Hearts Cider. Discovered I Love Dust on Ismael's Burciaga's blog. 2. Paradise Pier's New Attraction Posters While I love Disney, I do not love to sport in clothing or decor the cartoon side of Disney. I am very particular in what merchandise I purchase from the parks and usually prefer items with a certain vintage aesthetic. Below are new attraction posters designed to align with the new look and feel of Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure. As Disney continues to makeover DCA, giving it a look of Hollywood/California as Walt Disney first saw it in the '20s, these posters will start showing up for many of the attractions just as was started in 1956 to show park visitors what these new and different attractions were in Disneyland. Found via @mantia's link to the Disney blog. 3. Simon and Jenna's Transpacific Wedding Invitation Here is some pink 'n' green, letterpress, international, illustrated wedding invitation goodness! This invitation had to not only satisfy an invite to the ceremony but also to two receptions on two different continents. This satisfies my design, print, and packing

1. Leen Sadder's Spoonful of Sugar I love Disney and I love design so this Mary Poppins' inspired design is just perfect. Leen Sadder is a design student at the School of Visual Arts and as a part of Stefan Sagmeister’s class, “Can design touch someone’s heart?” she describes her project in her own words, "To touch the hearts of umbrella-less New Yorkers on a rainy day, I dressed up as Mary Poppins and escorted people across the street carrying a hand-lettered umbrella and a bag of chocolate-dipped spoons." The writing is inspired by the song lyrics from "A Spoonful of Sugar." So great!! There's many more photos on her school project's site, photos of her with her fellow New Yorker's and the process of creating the umbrella. First discovered on Design Work Life. 2. Andy Luce + Liz's Wedding Invites I just love an untraditional wedding invite and graphic designers who are getting married just bring out the best in wedding stationery. Andy Luce created his own wedding collateral and I love the boldness of the colors and the typography. Here's just a glimpse at the ENVELOPE! The envelope! Every piece is so detailed down to the envelopes

Have you ever heard of Evernote? It's a web/desktop/iPhone application that syncs your saved images and text across to all your computers and phones. Basically, it's my best friend at work. I also mentioned it before in this post about my design process. Anyway, I wanted to start a series each week that will showcase my top 5 images that I saved to Evernote that week, giving all my thousands (haha) of readers some access to some premium design eye candy without having to scavenge the interwebs to find it. You'll find that I have a very diverse taste and I gather images for many different design projects at once, from a photoshop heavy photo collage to a nontraditional vintage inspired wedding invitation to a detailed illustration of an elephant to a diy project that I will most likely never accomplish. I hope you enjoy this new series as I share from my over 700 and growing Evernote notes. And without further ado, here's week one, in no particular order: 1. Justin Mezell's Into the Wild Layout Design While looking for inspiration for a cover collage I was designing, I found this on Graphic Exchange. I love the contrast and the random objects