Evernotes Every Friday

1. Calendar by Elizabeth Ward

Neat concept for a calendar—a variety of found expiration dates and the like by Elizabeth Ward. Found via Looks Like Good Design.

2. NY’s Fashion Week Pinterest Graphics

Sketchy graphics created for New York’s Fashion Week and Pinterest. Love the fun spin on a more sophisticated subject. New work from Matt Stevens.

3. DC 2024

Big fan of these concepts that have been presented as Washington D.C. bids for the 2024 Olymics. More can be found on Shane Helm’s Dribbble.

4. Evidently Characters

These little animal characters for Evidently made me smile—inspired by their office pups. Found via Brand New.

5. Industrial Lighting

Seriously fell in love with these industrial lights from Luke Lamp Co when they were featured in a recent Etsy email. Love love love.

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