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Again, I must thank Jessica from J. Rose Photography for filling in for me today. After last weekend’s bridal shower and this week spending time with my best friends doing wedding stuff and catching up… I just wasn’t able to scour the interwebs for a post. I sure do love Jess’ guest posts though, you can read more of her own blog here.

Hi there, it’s Jess! Yes I am back with another guest post for you. Yay!

Today I have something exciting to share with you,
but first let’s talk about what we are all guilty of doing..
taking pictures and just having them sit on a computer space..
and sit, and sit forever.
Oh of course they’re on Facebook, but as a photographer you need to listen to me
when I tell you that you have to do something else with them!

I think I might be able to help..

I’ve come up with five different things that you can do with your photos.

1. Memory Game by Pinhole Press

I of course discovered this amazing little site via Pinterest. I saw this memory game and fell in love, unfortunately Grayson is still too young to be memorizing objects. Buuut our dear buddy Elijah who was turning five is the perfect age. I hopped on his momma’s Instagram feed and took screenshots of all of the photos that I wanted to use. Then cropped them to size in Photoshop, (you of course don’t have to do it this way but I just wanted pictures that Eli was familiar with, but not having to bother Jamie for them) Seriously you guys, Pinhole Press has some pretty amazing things! Especially in the kids products, I want to order a bunch of things for G!



2. Canvas portraits

This is all the new rage in the photography industry. I feel like I am seeing these everywhere now, and I love it! Sometimes you don’t need a fancy frame and mat, all you need is a beautiful image printed on a nice sturdy canvas. You can get these canvases in different sizes so that you can hang any type of arrangement on the wall you choose. I am now offering these on my product menu after each session.



3. Books and Albums.

Another one of my favorite products are Layflat books. These books are a perfect way to display your photos for years. They come in a variety of sizes and different cover types and colors, and I love that your photographs are flush mounted inside the book. They come in sizes like 5×7 or square sizes (my favorite) anywhere from 5×5 up to 12×12.


4. Printstgram.

I don’t know if you take as many iPhone photos as I do but it my favorite way to capture our every day memories. I pretty much love anything they make but their mini square prints are my favorite! You can get 48 mini square prints or 24 regular for $12. It takes a lit bit of work but I’ve put all of the ones I’ve printed so far in an album. A calendar might be next, everyone knows I sure take enough pictures to have one for every day of the year! (Are you on Instagram? HERE I am!)



5. Photo transfer project.

Are you ready for a DIY?! A couple of years ago I looked all over for a photo transfer project, I even tried a few that just did not work out. Then low-and-behold, I found one at A Beautiful Mess.. Of course I did, those girls think of everything! I love how they turn out, not absolutely perfected, but totally perfect for me. Here is a link to the DIY in case you are interested.


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