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April 2013

A HUGE great BIG thanks must first go out to Jessica at J. Rose Photography for inviting me to tag along with her as she photographed our friend Lynzie's wedding. Having videographed quite a few weddings (also as an assistant), I have seen my share of the behind the scenes, but as the videographers follow the photographer, the head photographer really has the greatest responsibility on his or her shoulders. Jessica knew that I had always wanted to assist her at a wedding and as she rarely shoots them, I finally just got my chance. Mostly I only photographed the formals but my favorites are of just Lynzie and her now husband Daniel. I must say my favorite part of being a second shooter is getting the chance to shoot the artsier shot

1. Dot Graphics Marketing Kit Such a gorgeous brochure design by Version-X Design. I think teal and red is my favorite color combo right now. Found via Brand New. 2. Map as Envelope Liner Well wouldn't this make an envelope liner just as functional as it is beautiful in form? In love with all of MaeMae Paperie's work, but this really caught my eye on Instagram. 3.  The Glass Garden Now that my renovated home office is pretty much complete, I have been trying to find those special items that will brighten it up a bit. Pretty sure this is exactly what it needs. Oh and the branding behind said Glass Garden is pretty sweet too. :) Found via Pinterest. 4. New Home Photo Shoot How stinkin' cute would it be to have a mini photo shoot to celebrate the purchase of your new home?! So so cute! Found via Pinterest. 5. 29 Dates To Go On With Your Best Friend Internet, coming on April 10th, my best friend and I are celebrating 13 years of best friendship. We first got over our dislike of one another (you see we've actually known each other for over 20 years) on an 8th grade school trip to Washington D.C. in 2000.

Warning: this post may get a little heavy and personal. Don't say you were never warned. When our Bible study read through the Bible last year from cover to cover, the activity interrupted my own reading through the Bible cover to cover. Except I wasn't attempting to do it in 90 days. Instead I was reading in depth and at most a chapter a day with a commentary in hand—which I started in the summer of 2008 and am still going right along. But the 90 Day read couldn't have come at a better time in my life. My walk with God had grown stagnant. I was just in a funk the year before—the many woes that come with this world were just getting to me. There were just a lot of tragedies and sadness in the lives of my friends and family and I was allowing it to get me down. My daily reading of even a chapter a day of the Bible dwindled down to not reading at all. So getting back into reading every single day, about 12 pages every day, really got me back into the habit of digging into the scriptures. In April of last year, when the challenge

This post has been long overdue but last summer—and since then—I have been taking photos of the brand new Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park. And while many of you may have been down to visit the gang from Radiator Springs, I know quite a few who haven't. So this is just a broad glimpse into what exactly this new land contains—where's the food, what's a store, and of course a scoop on the rides

What a fun week! I have no photo for last Sunday because I spent the day suffering from a dumb ol' migraine but the rest of the week was so fun! I spent my evenings taking maternity photos, at a food truck fair, with girlfriends, and then at church for Good Friday. Still to come, a few posts from this week like of Rachel's 26 week preggo belly and more about the yummy finds at the OC Food Truck Fare. It'll be a few weeks before these reach the blog though as I have some other posts up my sleeve to share first! 25/in my drawer, 26/something I did, 27/pair, 28/in the mirror, 29/goodnight, 30/relax, 31/stuff Join us for the month of April! More details on Fat Mum Slim's blog.