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Photo A Day, March—Week 4

What a fun week! I have no photo for last Sunday because I spent the day suffering from a dumb ol’ migraine but the rest of the week was so fun! I spent my evenings taking maternity photos, at a food truck fair, with girlfriends, and then at church for Good Friday. Still to come, a few posts from this week like of Rachel’s 26 week preggo belly and more about the yummy finds at the OC Food Truck Fare. It’ll be a few weeks before these reach the blog though as I have some other posts up my sleeve to share first!


25/in my drawer, 26/something I did, 27/pair, 28/in the mirror, 29/goodnight, 30/relax, 31/stuff

Join us for the month of April! More details on Fat Mum Slim’s blog.


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