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Lynzie and Daniel Barish Wedding, Heritage Lake, Menifee; with J. Rose Photography


A HUGE great BIG thanks must first go out to Jessica at J. Rose Photography for inviting me to tag along with her as she photographed our friend Lynzie’s wedding.

Having videographed quite a few weddings (also as an assistant), I have seen my share of the behind the scenes, but as the videographers follow the photographer, the head photographer really has the greatest responsibility on his or her shoulders.

Jessica knew that I had always wanted to assist her at a wedding and as she rarely shoots them, I finally just got my chance.

Mostly I only photographed the formals but my favorites are of just Lynzie and her now husband Daniel.


I just love how adoringly Daniel is looking at his new wife.



I must say my favorite part of being a second shooter is getting the chance to shoot the artsier shot… but I do love Jessica’s view of these same poses.



Another great factor in my tagging along was to get some behind the scenes shots of Jess working with her clients. I have always thought of Jess’ humor as super hilarious but watching her try to get this group to pose with excited arms up was just making me crack up.


And of course, my favorite was watching Jess’ son Grayson cheer her on in the background. Now if his face doesn’t say “proud of my mommy” I don’t know what does!


Thanks again Jess for letting me join you and sharing in your gift of photography!

To see Jessica’s post of Lynzie and Daniel’s wedding, click here.

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