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Photo A Day, January—Week 1

You guys, it wasn’t until I was putting this collage together that I realized that each and every photo was taken from inside my house. Which led me to realize I have only left my house on two occasions this year, once to go to bible study and twice to get my haircut. Why you may ask, well the first reason being my headaches have come back in full swing so the new year was brought in with me sick to my stomach catching up on the show Felicity (remember that from high school??)… the second reason being that now that I work from home I find very little reason to actually get ready and run errands so those all fall to my one and only day out that week. Well now that you know my life story as of 2013 here are my photos… each taken in my home but each in a different room if that makes it any better. 🙂


1/today, 2/something new, 3/heart, 4/the view from here, 5/movement, 6/mine, 7/street

P.S. It’s not too late to join in on the fun, check out the Fat Mum Slim blog to get the list and Chantelle even gives some photo ideas for each day.

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