Photo A Day, August—Week 2

What a whirlwind this week has been since we’ve been home. I don’t remember I have been this tired, been a little busy bridesmaid bee getting stuff ready for each of the girls’ showers that I am helping to throw plus a little side thing for each of them (will share more later). But I am just getting so so so excited for these next 2.5 months! Crazy and sad to know it will be all over then, well not over over, just the wedding festivities then its fun nights out with our married friends! So so fun! Speaking of married, I was so happy to see that Friday’s photo prompt was ring… our friends Amy and Tommy got married at twilight and this photo is during the exchanging of the rings. Love it…

8/glasses, 9/messy, 10/ring, 11/purple, 12/spoon, 13/simple, 14/arrow, 15/ready

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