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August 2012

Just last night Andy and I got back from a week spent in South Dakota on his grandparents' ranch. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. One hour to the nearest town=gas, groceries, shopping for the necessities of any kind. I just went through the 700 photos I took on the ranch and chose a few that truly sum up our time there and the feeling you get there, there's a sense of peace when there's no Internet, no neighbors, no distractions of any kind. It was pretty hot there, of course not even as hot as home is in Southern California right now, so we stayed indoors most the day unless we went in to town which is why many of these are taken at sunset. Truly the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, starting with the first one during our flight on a little prop plane from Wyoming to Pierre, South Dakota. The Lyons' have had many horses throughout their time here but right now they just have two, Shadow and Sell. I loved seeing them silhouetted against the sunset on our second night there. Well here's one that wasn't even taken on the ranch and not even

While I am away in South Dakota, Kathleen has graciously accepted my request to blog for me! Thank you lady! This wonderful gal pal of mine just moved up to Bakersfield where she will be attending the Cal State and working away making us Double Doubles! You can follow her many adventures on her blog, Life and All That Entails. 1. Sigh. Oh, hello there! There is just something about this picture from Serendipitous Romance that screams, "LOVE", and I adore it! This past week I moved north a solid three hours to Bakersfield. After a crazy past couple of days and realizing I'm not a mere five minutes from dear family and friends, it has made me sad. My boyfriend Allan is an amazing comforter though, and when I've been down or have had minor meltdowns, this is exactly the sort of thing that happens. He simply holds me, and takes upon the weight of my anxieties. With limp arms hanging by my side, like the woman in this photo, Allan tells me everything is going to be OK. Within that one sentence from him, I'm put at ease. 2. Gold, you have my Italian heart. Enough with the mushy stuff! I'm in my

For me, the week leading to a vacation is the most stressful just trying to wrap up all the various projects I have going on. But now I am on vacation, baby! Whoo! I spent this last week wrapping up a website at work while also working on wedding and bridal shower invitations. I am totally spent and am looking forward to a week away from the computer. I plan to have my nose stuck in a book the whole time I am not playing with the kiddos or riding horses. Serenity now! 24/a stranger, 25/heart, 26/sunshine, 27/on the road, 28/cup, 29/last thing I bought, 30/calm, 31/toothbrush Join in on the fun this month with Photo A Day August! Want to know more about Photo A Day, check out Fat Mum Slim's blog here.