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June 2012

1. Reload Icons Because of the necessary simplicity of icon design, the creation of icons can be difficult. Well at least for me! I love these icons designed for Reload: what a simple look that they creatively transformed for each section of the site. Such a creative concept that's beautifully executed. Found via In The Name of Love. 2. Typographic Matchmaking Poster I don't think I could sum up this project better than the For Print Only site does: Remember that scene from Fiddler on the Roof when Tevye’s daughters long for the matchmaker to “Find me a find, catch me a catch”? Well, matching contrasting typefaces is almost as difficult as finding that special someone. When it works it seems effortless, like the two were meant for each other. Jim Godfrey created the Typographic Matchmaking poster out of a desire to share with others some type combinations that work well together. To make it interesting, he thought it would be fun to highlight famous combinations from history, literature and life such as Romeo and Juliet, Sonny & Cher, Jack and Jill and even peanut butter and jelly. Not only is this a creative design and concept, it's a great reference for examples of paired

The beginning of June is always all about birthdays. Two of my closest friends and my grandpa all have birthdays before half the month is up. But that's okay because birthdays are fun of course! Looking at these pictures sure seem like it was a pretty great week! Reading, pancakes, going out to dinner, Disneyland, going with Pa to Golden Spoon, birthday at the beach and a babe. Fun fun fun! 1/morning, 2/empty, 3/on your plate, 4/close up, 5/sign, 6/hat, 7/drink P.S. It's not too late to join in on the fun, I posted the list just last week.

I have yet to have a session that I have loved so many of the final photos! I won't even tell you how many I ended up giving Breanna because it was just too many but I just couldn't keep them to myself! We did a two day session with two times to sunsets! Thanks Breanna for your beautiful smile and even your fake one! Congratulations on graduation, excited for where God takes you from here! (I seriously ended each sentence with an exclamation point

I really should have split this post up month by month but here's two months of babies, brides, and BBQ! Babies! Jameson Bath time fun with J at 3 months. Amelia Maybe the last visit with the little miss before the Logue's move to San Diego. So sad for us but so happy for them and the work they are doing! Owen!! Little Owen arrived Monday, April 9! Little Eli just loves to show off "his baby" to anyone and everyone. They are just the cutest little brothers ever! The little photo collage are all from the night Owen was born, the next black and white photo is Owen at 10 days old settled in at home. Grayson!! Little Grayson arrived six weeks after his best friend Owen. This first photo is Grayson at about 14 hours old (the first time I saw him) then at 4 days old. Such love for this long awaited little guy! Brides Things are coming together for the brides. A lot of the big stuff has been taken care of and the details are working themselves out. Lauren and I finished up her Save the Dates