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February 2012

This past week has been pure craziness! From the work week to the weekend and back to work again. It's been a nonstop hustle and bustle. I must say my favorite day was last Saturday because I got to see so many of gal pals in one day! Starting with a movie and lunch date, then some baby shower planning, then bridal dress shopping, and finally a celebratory 26th birthday dinner! So much fun for just one day! So, here's my second week of February, one photo a day. See Week 1 of #febphotoaday!

In December, one of my best friends—since second grade—got engaged! Brittany has been known as my laughing buddy because when we get together that's all that happens! She just makes me laugh and her laugh is infectious in the best of ways. Her bubbly personality brings everyone in as if you've been friends forever. And that's how she makes you feel, even strangers. And she sure knows how to have a good time! That's a guarantee when spending time with my P*A (stands for pineapple, don't ask). Four years ago she met Eric. Eric in so many ways is Brittany's perfect guy. After so many years of Brittany making all of us smile, now he makes Brittany laugh and smile—all the time. So if you know Brittany, and thought she was so happy before, wait until you see Mrs. Totah-to-be. You can't help but smile—the whole time! Your cheeks will hurt! In a good way! ha! I am so so so excited for their wedding this November! I am so excited for all the dancing during the reception, but most excited to be stand up with Brittany as one of her bridesmaids as she becomes Eric's wife! Ah!! This is too much

This week covered Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah. I remember having a total "a-ha" moment when I read Ezra for the first time. The Bible as a whole had never been made more real to me when Ezra reveals to the king that everything that had happened to Israel in the exile had all been predicted by the prophet Jeremiah. I actually posted about this way back when. I'll probably talk about this more when we read Jeremiah, but I am glad I wrote that post as it is such an encouragement to me now. Weird how my blog encourages its own writer. It was a different world back then; before my dad had cancer, before one of my closest friend lost two of her babies, before all the craziness these past two years have held and the world made sense. Reading my thoughts then, Sam of June of 2010, encourages the Sam of February 2012. Well anyway

1. Sailing Graphics by Stavros Kypraios Created for Elena Matzaridou, a sailing trainer, by Stavros Kypraios, to be used in a presentation. Although this was used for a presentation, I think it would look great as a magazine spread. There's a lot of information represented but it's organized in a way that makes it so pleasing to the eye. And the focal point of the sail boat brings your eye to the bottom information too. There's just such a great flow. Found via Looks Like Good Design. 2. Made in the USA This is one of those designs that when I saw it I thought

Have you ever tried to take a photo each day? My friend Amie and I did for one whole year in 2010. It was fun but some days it was hard to remember to take a photo. One photo to represent the whole day! But some friends and I have been taking a photo a day according to a list created by Fat Mum Slim. The list gives you a prompt for each day, day one was to take a photo of "My View Today" so I took a photo of my computer with the design project I was working on. Then Day 2 was "Words" so I took a photo of my daily reading for the Bible in 90 Days challenge. And so on and so on. It's not too late if you want to join in! I've been posting my photos on Instagram but you can use anything you want from Tumblr to Facebook, just add the tag #FEBphotoaday! Here's my first week of February, one photo a day.