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August 2011

1. Costco RebrandA group of students from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco created a complete redesign of the Costco brand: Kirkland. They also created another sub-brand called Ollie's which would house the cafe and bakery items. Altogether they created  almost 80 - 100 fully comped items. Wow! Here's just one item, Ollie's Olive Oil. Each item is so detailed and well constructed! Very impressive! Found via thedieline.2. TreasuresWith so many of my friends having babies, I just fell in love with this diaper packaging! After you use all the diapers, the box can become your child's new favorite toy! Shown here is a car, but there's also a wagon and a house too! Found via thedieline.3. Photo Wall with Picture LedgeI've been looking for ideas on how to decorate our upstairs hallway wall — that you can see from downstairs right when you walk in the front door. And, well, this is just perfect. Found via Pinterest. 4. Ivan Bügel: Live FastI just adore the typography accompanying this illustration. Like love love love it! Designed and illustrated by Ivan Bügel, found via designworklife.5. Jon ContinoI have seen his work before but I have never dived into it before. Allan

Thanks for joining me yet again on a short tour of Southern California! View part one of Day 1 and 2 if you missed it! Day 3 Ahhhh, Beach Day. Amie and Joyce would get together once a week, before Joyce moved, to go to the beach. A different beach each week as well, a sort of tour of So Cal beaches, in a way. But this time I got to join them! A day designated just to relax with little to no schedule to follow? Sounds perfect! Of course, I still managed to make a schedule. I just can't help myself! We started the day (after Coffee Bean, my favorite) by heading down to the Rainbow Sandals outlet store in San Clemente. Can you believe I have never had a pair of Rainbows before? It's like I haven't lived here my whole life or something! After we made our purchases we drove north along the coast headed to Laguna Beach. Andy once took me to the beach below the Montage and I have gone back there for every beach trip since as it is a relatively peaceful beach, not too many kiddos and not too many people in general. After the ocean wading,