Evernotes Every Friday

Matic: Wedding Materials

What a creative way to incorporate your guests into the namecards at your wedding! They had each guest (and their guest) apply their thumbprints to the RSVP card and then they were scanned and merged together to form hearts! So cute! Designed by MaticFound via designworklife.

Ocean Logo

I just discovered Jay Fletcher and have fallen in love with his work! This logo is so creative! The typographical logotype flows seamlessly into an image able to stand on its own! Found Jay Fletcher through via designworklife.

Not Having Fun at Disneyland

I love the Imagineering Disney blog and read it regularly but then when I saw they created a post all about people not having fun at Disneyland, I just cracked up! All the photos featured were scanned from actual Disney books and merchandise… you’d never see such candid photos published now! See more here.

Moss Your Way

I love green, I love nature, I love typography so this immediately grabbed my eye! Oh the possibilities of growing your own moss! Found via Pinterest.

Up Halloween Costumes

This just furthers my want of a child (not now, but in the future). Doesn’t everyone have kids just to dress them up like this? Found via Pinterest.

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