Lauren’s Woodsy Shabby Chic Baby Shower

One of my long time friends, Lauren, is about to have her first baby so us girls joined creative forces to throw her one amazing baby shower earlier this month!

We based the look of the shower off the nursery which will be a shabby chic-woodsy-adventure-tribal theme. How fun is that?!

We had so much fun planning out all the details but let’s first start with the invitation…

Invitation Suite

The Adventure Begins Shabby Chic Baby Shower Invitation 2 Tribal Watercolor WreathThe Adventure Begins Shabby Chic Baby Shower Invitation 3 Tribal Watercolor Wreath

This was SO much fun to paint!! I had absolutely NO experience painting flowers before this but after doing A LOT of research, I really am so happy with how this turned out. Using a wreath allowed us to bring in all the fun aspects of the nursery, from the woodcut background to the feather and arrows.

The Adventure Begins Shabby Chic Baby Shower Invitation 4 Tribal Watercolor Wreath

Guest Tables

The weather forecast had called for rain, in May… in California!? Thankfully we had reserved this canopy back when we first started planning even though it was for shade! Turned out God had another use for it in mind. And you know what, the weather ended up being PERFECT! After some light rain while we were setting up, not a drop came down during the actual shower.

Shabby Chic Woodsy Baby Shower Centerpieces 3

So of course, with the impending rain storm, we totally redid the layout of the whole shower but I think we all loved how it came out!

The centerpieces were a collection of glasses, candles, bouquets and succulents. All the glassware was compiled just between the hostesses! I kept saying we need to start a rental company for all these amazing decorations! And that greenery down the center of the table? Well that was cut from this very yard on the day of the shower! So perfect!!

Shabby Chic Woodsy Baby Shower Centerpieces 2Shabby Chic Woodsy Baby Shower CenterpiecesShabby Chic Woodsy Baby Shower Guest Tables

Cake Table

Did you see the cake table in the background of the above photos? Well I think it may be my favorite…. Mostly because the focal point was this globe I painted for the baby’s nursery. And one of the other girls’ baked those “naked cakes.”

Shabby Chic Woodsy Baby Shower Cake Table

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Cake Table Succulent Cake Topper

Drink & Appetizer Table

This sweet little table definitely had its share of rain that day, but it pushed through admirably as I kept running out to save that watercolor painting from sudden death!

We served up pink lemonade and water in these awesome mason jar drink dispensers… the centerpiece was a homemade teepee and the print was done by yours truly (also for the baby’s nursery).

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Drink Table mason jar drink dispenser

We found these wood slices on Amazon for the watercolor dipped tent cards and then cut out little banners and washi taped them to the straws to personalize everyone’s drinks.

Shabby Chic Tribal Watercolor Wreath Painting

Our appetizer table housed this delicious chicken cheeseball shaped like some a pair of pinecones as well as our terracotta succulents that were the game prizes!

Shabby Chic Woodsy Baby Shower AppetizersShabby Chic Woodsy Baby Shower Food Pine Cone CheeseballShabby Chic Baby Shower Potted Succulent FavorsShabby Chic Baby Shower Potted Succulent Favors 3

Photo Backdrop and Gift Teepee

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Backdrop and Gift Tepee

I think this paper flower background was the star of our show though! I wish we could take credit for it but we borrowed it from a friend. It was just too perfect! Our gift teepee was from Target and draped with my grandmother’s lace tablecloths! Floral topper made from a few pre-assembled silk flowers from Hobby Lobby.

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Gift TepeeShabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Guest Book tableShabby Chic Baby Shower Paper Flowers Backdrop Polaroid Guest BookShabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Guest Book table sign

We had the guests take Polaroids for the Mama’s scrapbook for the day. The scrapbook was truly an amazing work of art—purchased on Etsy (shop: BurkeSevenVintage)! As a scrapbooker—I can’t fathom the amount of time it took to piece together all the pages.

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Guest Book table scrapbook

Headband Station

I wish I would have taken a photo of this table later on once more headbands had been made but I was taking advantage of the break in the clouds for lighting! Not yet knowing we weould end up with sunny skies for the rest of the day! Anyway, we bought two headband kits off Etsy (shop: BowtiqueEmilee), and set out all the parts in jars with a helpful little sign to guide the guests in assembling.

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Headband Station TableShabby Chic Baby Shower Headband Station Sign

Thank You Card Table

The Mama-to-Be requested for us to have the guests address their envelopes

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Thank You Cards table 3Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Thank You Cards table

I had too much fun painting all the table signs throughout the shower. This and the Trail Mix table sign were my favorite though. Maybe. Plus the Headband table sign… Okay, I loved them all actually.

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Thank You Cards table 2

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Handpainted Wood Name Sign

Trail Mix Favors

At the front door, as guests were leaving they could grab a bag of trail mix “to fuel their future adventures.” The decor on the wall is also from the baby’s nursery, canvas banner lettering design by me—another decoration I want to make for myself!

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Trail Mix Favors Table

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Trail Mix Favors Table 2Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Trail Mix Favors Sign

Each favor bag was stamped with the Adventure Awaits stamp from my shop.

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Trail Mix Adventure Awaits Favors

Shabby Chic Tribal Baby Shower Antlers and Handwritten canvas banner

Custom Snapchat Geofilter

Okay this may have been the best surprise that day for the Mama-to-Be! We created a Snapchat geofilter with the artwork from the invitation! I had never done one before but I couldn’t believe how easy it was to submit and get approved!

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Tribal Watercolor Wreath Snapchat GeofilterSnapchat Sign for Custom Geofilter

And last but not least, a girly group photo (photo bombed by my chubby cheeks son haha)… we love you, Lauren… and can not wait to snuggle that sweet baby girl!!

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Paper Flowers Backdrop GirlsShabby Chic Baby Shower Paper Flowers Backdrop with Lauren


Amie’s Baby Shower and Emma’s Watercolor Floral Birth Announcement

Well this sweet baby girl is a whole year old now! I am antsy to share photos from her first birthday but before I do, I have to share photos from the baby shower and her birth announcement! Better a year late than never, right? Right?!

Since I was still in the midst of morning sickness when shower planning was underway, I opted to purchase some watercolor graphics for the florals. I fell in love with the ones I found from By Lef on Etsy. They were so easy to implement and came in such a variety! Make sure to check out her beautiful shop!


Amie’s mom and sisters threw such a beautiful shower!! I was honored to get to contribute a few handlettered goods to compliment their shabby chic decorations…





About a month later, sweet Emma was born! I used the By Lef water color graphics to compliment my handlettering for her birth announcement too! Not many of my friends have girls… so it’s always so fun to get to design some fun girly items! Photos of baby Emma are by Kristyn Dodge Photography.


You are such a blessing to us all sweet Emma Rae!! I’m looking forward to watching you grow!


My Nautical Baby Shower

I’m seriously the luckiest girl in the whole wide world to get to have these amazing baby showers thrown for my little guy! This post is about my nautical themed shower thrown by my best friend, Amie! Her attention to detail was impeccable, there were things I missed in person that I only just now noticed looking at the photos!

Of course, she didn’t do it alone… I’m so thankful for all the girls who helped her plan, craft, and set up that day! And to her hubby for his help in “crafting” and her mama for watching her kiddos and more!

Every corner of the backyard was decorated, it was truly amazing!

This backyard may look familiar to you if you’re a long time reader…  it has graciously hosted many the event, such as Brittany’s lavender bridal shower and Amie’s cherry blossom shower.

Of course, we have to start with the invitation. Amie found these PERFECT invites on Etsy… but she let me address the envelopes! I was so excited to get to help in this small way!

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Isaiah’s nursery is nautical themed so Amie used his room as inspiration for colors and the overall look. But she took is so far above anything I could have dreamed of. View her Pinterest board here.

When you walked up to the house, this table greeted you! Each guest was asked to leave me a message with words of encouragement as I enter motherhood.

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Entrance

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Message in a Bottle

Once I got into the backyard, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. There was so much to look at!

Sams Nautical Baby Shower

The tables were each set with a different centerpiece…

Sams Nautical Baby Shower CenterpieceSams Nautical Baby Shower Centerpiece 4Sams Nautical Baby Shower Centerpiece 3Sams Nautical Baby Shower Centerpiece 2

Behind the guest tables, sat the gift table and this amazing fabric banner.

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Gift TableSams Nautical Baby Shower Isaiah Banner

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Mom to Be ChairSams Nautical Baby Shower Trees

But before you got to the guest tables, you had to walk by this darling drink table! Some of these decorations are from my office and Isaiah’s room too!

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Drink TableSams Nautical Baby Shower Drink StrawsSams Nautical Baby Shower Drink Table Detail

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Shipwheel Decor

Some of my favorite decorations though were under the pergola where the food table was… which by the way, the food was amazingly delicious!!

Amie’s husband BUILT the boat centerpiece. It was incredible.

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Food Table

How cute are these little boats that hung above the pergola! I’m still trying to think of a way to hang the garland in his room because they are just so cute and perfectly rustic!

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Boat GarlandEach food item was labeled with a message in a bottle. These were just too cute! Creative! And Crafty!

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Food SignPlus the main entree of chicken salad croissant sandwiches were made to look like crabs. Cuteness overload!

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Food Crab CroissantSams Nautical Baby Shower PlasticwareA table was set up for some of the games… guessing how many “fish in the sea” and a ladder was set up with family photos to guess who is who.

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Game How Many Fish in the SeaSams Nautical Baby Shower Game Who is WhoSams Nautical Baby Shower Game Who is Who Instructions

A lot of the graphics were revised by my friend Courtney from a set I bought off Etsy here.

Guests that brought diapers (THANK YOU!!!) were entered into a drawing for a prize. The saying on the tickets was so perfectly themed.

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Diaper Raffle

And lastly, the shower favors were homemade bath salts! Amie bought this container of Epsom salt from Hobby Lobby and then followed the instructions, like adding essential oils to the salt, to make the bath salts.

Sams Nautical Baby Shower bath Salt Favor

Sams Nautical Baby Shower mantel Decor

Thank you so much to my hostess with the mostest, my Amie Belle! You really outdid yourself! I couldn’t be more thankful for such a perfect day to celebrate my son!

Sams Nautical Baby Shower Hostess Amie

And a big thanks to all my friends and family that attended. My boy is so loved and I couldn’t be more appreciative for each and every one of you!


Vintage Cars and Drag Racing Themed Baby Shower and Party

car themed shower party cone favors

Hey there race fans! I’m so excited to be sharing photos from my best friend’s baby shower earlier this month! Especially after sharing her maternity photos last week!

Because of their love of vintage and cars, their baby boy, Hudson’s, nursery will be vintage car themed. But because Amie grew up as a drag racer in the NHRA, we felt compelled to gear the shower toward Amie’s *racy* past. It was such a fun shower to plan and to maximize the theme down to the smallest detail!

The Invitation Suite

I struggled and fretted over this invitation… there’s a lot of pressure when you’re a graphic designer AND hosting the shower. Or is that just in my head? Anyway, it took me awhile to come up with the design of the paper goods. How do we combine vintage cars and racing in one theme without being cheesy? Somewhere along the path, I thought of representing each: the dad and his love of vintage cars, Amie’s dragster, and then a “baby car” for Hudson! We then paired the invite with a “ticket” that had the RSVP and other information, racing red envelopes, matching wraparound address labels and some black and gray striped washi tape. Oh and hot rod postage stamps! I think that’s my favorite detail!

Instagrammed photo via @samallencreates

Instagrammed photo via @samallencreates

cars themed shower invitation suite red envelopes copy

The Day of the Shower

And now for the day of… when it rainned all the night before and all morning! But I hope you enjoy some photos from the day where the threat of rain didn’t keep us from celebrating with a race to the finish line!

car themed baby shower party

Each table was set up with its own racetrack with the centerpiece being one of Amie and her family’s trophies and medals. Along with a mixture of soup cans that were reincarnated as oil cans.

car themed shower party centerpiece 2

One of my favorite parts was the red velvet cake (Amie’s fave!) that was designed around the invitation and baked by my friends at Twinfully Sweet. How darling is that?!

car themed shower party cake and centerpiece

The race track centerpiece functioned as a board game with all the shower games moving the guests’ cars forward in their lanes. And then at the end, each table’s winner competed in a relay race for the final prize!

car themed shower party centerpiece  car themed baby shower party game piecescar themed baby shower party game rules

The favors were created based on a tutorial published by Disney for their Radiator Springs cones. We did have to modify the tutorial to make the cones big enough for our sweet treats… a few of the snacks Amie had been craving during the pregnancy! Unfortunately, we didn’t realize we need to modify until after all the paper was cut! ha!

car themed shower party favors and plasticware

It really was so fun to play up the racing theme, and thanks to Pinterest, we found so many  cute ways to do that!

car themed shower party Fuel Up banner car themed shower party drinks car themed baby shower party gray stripe straws

car themed shower party first car fund car themed shower party kid photos car themed shower party thumb print guest book 2 car themed shower party thumb print guest book car themed shower party menu and diaper cake

car themed shower party to go to sleep I count race cars

But my favorite decoration was the balloon arch that we created the morning of, after seeing this tutorial on The House that Lars Built. It came out perfectly, just as I imagined and I was so excited for it to be a cute photo background while Amie opened her many presents for baby Hudson!

car themed shower party balloon arch

My beautifully glowing Amie, hope you enjoyed your shower just as much as I had planning the details!

So many gushing thanks to everyone that helped pull this day together. It was one big team effort… in other, on theme, words, Amie’s pit crew pulled out all the stops to make this day a big win!

Nautical Inspired Whale Baby Shower Invitation: Ahoy, It’s A Boy and Anchor’s Away A Sweet Baby Girl Is On Her Way

Ahoy Its A Boy Nautical Baby Shower Invitation blue and aqua 64

Last year, my shower planning partner in crime Jess had me create a nautical themed baby shower invite for a shower she was planning.

Ahoy Its A Boy Nautical Baby Shower Invitation blue and aqua 65

Shortly there after I listed the invite in my shop and it has come to be one of my more popular invites! And I love the various color schemes that my clients have brought me… I think bringing in red has been my favorite so far.

Ahoy Its A Boy Nautical Baby Shower Invitation blue and red 91 Ahoy Its A Boy Nautical Baby Shower Invitation blue and orange 183ahoy-its-a-boy-nautical-baby-shower-invitation-blue-yellow-aqua-385

I even had a request to add in some more “under the sea” animals and designs. Loved that too!


And just recently, I listed a girl’s version of it bringing in some pink (okay, coral to be specific). And I think I love it just as much!

Anchors Away Girl Nautical Baby Shower Invitation blue and coral 72 Anchors Away Girl Nautical Baby Shower Invitation blue and coral 73

This has been such a fun invite to work on so I wanted to pull together some fun nautical inspired shower ideas for all you land lubbers, so I created a Pinterest board here.

My office is pirate/nautical themed so it was fun delving back into that world for awhile… some of my favorites included: (click the images for more on each shower)

This tablescape from Catch My Party… 

Ahoy, Baby! Nautical Baby Shower

And these cute milk jars tied with “lifesavers” from Tom Kat Studios.

Nautical Baby Shower for Pottery Barn Kids

Be sure to check out more images on my Pinterest board, its such a fun and creative shower idea! There’s just so much you can do with it.

Thanks for reading about my invites and these party ideas… as a special gift to you, my dear blog reader, here is a totally free PDF download of the graphics used in my invites along with the striped pattern. Use these to make cupcake toppers, signs, and more!

download nautical graphics here

nautical free downloads from your new friend sam

download nautical graphics here


New Etsy Listing: Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitations



Jess mentioned in her post that she LOVED how this invite turned out, and I would have to agree! I think it must have been the excitement in the air from finally having a baby girl coming to our group (who lives locally)!

Quite often, Jess chooses the theme and colors from the baby-to-be’s nursery. Trisha did such a darling job with Molly’s nursery! With teal walls and pink chevron set by Trisha, Jess introduced the hot air balloons for the shower.

All that to say, the shower was picture perfect and I have finally listed the invite in my Etsy shop! And it comes with a bonus item: a Thank You note printable!


See a few more of the photos from the shower on Jess’ blog…


Vintage Sewing Baby Shower Invitation


This is one of two projects completed with Jess for our church. Now that our church has gotten so so big, instead of doing individual baby showers, for the first time the church hosted one big shower for all the expectant mommies at the church.

With the theme of “vintage sewing,” I created the invite… see some more photos below from the event as well! So so adorable!



If you’re looking for a “vintage sewing” baby shower invitation please contact me on creating a custom listing using this design for you in my Etsy shop.

vintage-sewing-baby-shower-invitation_1477 vintage-sewing-baby-shower-invitation_1478 vintage-sewing-baby-shower-invitation_1479


Once Upon a Time, Rachel’s Fairytale DIY Baby Shower


Okay now that you’ve seen Rachel’s maternity photos at Disneyland and you’ve officially been invited, now you’re ready to see the baby shower in all its storybook glory!

Rachel didn’t want the traditional “cutesy” type shower—and I am right there with her. We definitely aligned in the rustic and eclectic vision for the shower… Having an overall storybook theme thankfully came alongside the Pankratz wedding decor that will be used this coming November. Big thanks go out to the bride to be for letting us borrow her treasures!

My favorite piece of the decorations from Amie was this very old typewriter that totally fit the theme! It was the perfect welcoming item for the guests as they arrived at the shower!

Our guest table also included the bookmark favors as well as a photo of the mama to be.

(all tutorials for our many DIYs can be found at the end of this post)




The shower was held at the grandma-to-be’s new home which had this gigantic side yard for us to set up the shower. Each table’s centerpiece was different and ranged from books and glass bottles to vintage trays and lanterns.


Hanging above the gift table were a dozen paper pom poms crafted by Rachel. And along the backwall and a perfect backdrop, was Amelia’s name written out in letters from Michael’s and a few paper rosettes. (see DIY links below)





Inside the house, was the cake table and the buffet. The rosettes were all hand crafted along with the cake stands—a DIY I featured on here last year.

Remember that fabulous florist from Lauren’s wedding? She was able to grab us some bouquets of flowers, and Rachel DIY’d the cake toppers to perfection herself.




The day truly was a success… Baby Amelia made out the best I think. 🙂


And here’s one last photo of the grandma, mama, and aunt to be!


You can see more of what inspired us with this shower and even more storybook theme ideas by looking at my Pinterest board and the mama-to-be’s.

DIYs used in this shower:

Once Upon a Time, Rachel’s Fairytale Baby Shower Invitations and Bookplate Stamp


Now that you’ve seen Rachel’s maternity photos, the next glimpse into the shower would be the baby shower invitations!

I drew inspiration from Mary Blair’s work on the credits from Cinderella and then applied Rachel’s nursery’s color palette with its pinks, peaches, and mint greens.

The “Once Upon A Time” mark was handwritten as well as Rachel’s name, then a combination of two other typefaces, a modern serif and a medieval display text completed the invite.

This really was a work of love, and definitely one of my favorite invitations yet!



In addition to the invitation, I created a bookmark with Rachel’s favorite verse, Jeremiah 29:11, as the shower favors. Along with a print to go along with it for the nursery as well.




All of these pieces of the invitation can be bought in my Etsy shop: Your New Friend Sam.


In addition to the invite pieces—and to go along with the storybook theme—I created a custom bookplate stamp for Amelia’s baby books.

Also available in my Etsy shop.



So many fun projects were created and designed for Rachel’s shower! I can not wait to show you rest of the photos from the day of… tomorrow!

Evernotes Every Friday

Last night I mentioned that I have been quite a busy worker bee. Working a full time job leads to late nights working on freelance projects. Which then leads to no time to get an Evernotes Every post together.

So this edition is going to be a little different and maybe something I can start doing once every few months (??).

Today I am giving a glimpse into a few different projects that I have been brewing. I’d love to know if you like this kind of post, let me know if you like in the comments.

1. Soccer Camp

Two weeks ago I worked on a graphic for the coach’s t-shirts for an upcoming soccer camp at my church… this week we produced posters and banners to promote the camp. More details here if you’d like to sign up your kiddo!


2. Womens’ Luncheon Flyer

The annual design for our church’s womens’ luncheon. You may notice a trend in the handwritten lettering look in many upcoming projects. I am sort of obsessed.


3.  Modern Type Based Badges

This is a super new project that I just barely started… no details to share quite yet but its also for my church. 🙂


4. Baby Announcement

Well this baby announcement is for a family at my church to keep with the theme of this post so far. And also its for a little miss—yes a few of my friends actually do have girls! yay!


5. Baby Shower Invitation

Speaking of baby girls, here’s a glimpse into a baby shower invitation for a shower I am helping to plan for this May. Really looking forward to the frills and feminine touches going into the party planning.