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Evernotes Every Friday

Last night I mentioned that I have been quite a busy worker bee. Working a full time job leads to late nights working on freelance projects. Which then leads to no time to get an Evernotes Every post together.

So this edition is going to be a little different and maybe something I can start doing once every few months (??).

Today I am giving a glimpse into a few different projects that I have been brewing. I’d love to know if you like this kind of post, let me know if you like in the comments.

1. Soccer Camp

Two weeks ago I worked on a graphic for the coach’s t-shirts for an upcoming soccer camp at my church… this week we produced posters and banners to promote the camp. More details here if you’d like to sign up your kiddo!


2. Womens’ Luncheon Flyer

The annual design for our church’s womens’ luncheon. You may notice a trend in the handwritten lettering look in many upcoming projects. I am sort of obsessed.


3.  Modern Type Based Badges

This is a super new project that I just barely started… no details to share quite yet but its also for my church. 🙂


4. Baby Announcement

Well this baby announcement is for a family at my church to keep with the theme of this post so far. And also its for a little miss—yes a few of my friends actually do have girls! yay!


5. Baby Shower Invitation

Speaking of baby girls, here’s a glimpse into a baby shower invitation for a shower I am helping to plan for this May. Really looking forward to the frills and feminine touches going into the party planning.


I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!


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