Amelia’s 6 Month Christmas Photos, Menifee Baby Photography


Oh my I have fallen so deeply in love with this sweet little girl. I’d like to think that I’m a special auntie and the only one who gets these adorable smiles out of her, but she really is just a happy happy baby!

Hope you enjoy these sweet photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Let’s start with my favorite…

amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0527 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0603 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0608 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0749 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0806-expanded amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0888 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0828

And then after such sweet laughs, we knew it was time to change the set up. 🙂

amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0879 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0904 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0950 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0921

Rachel and Amelia’s Bedroom in the Trees, Mama and Baby Photography


This photo shoot came to being when Rachel and her little babe stayed the weekend at my house. Seeing them snuggled up together in bed sparked an idea to make a little outdoor bed complete with a wooden pallet headboard, a bedroom among the trees if you will.

We definitely were just “winging” it the day we scampered about town looking for a location and finally found this grove of trees within a 5 minute drive from my house.

In my head I pictured our little sleepy baby from Amelia’s newborn and 3 month photos, but of course the little miss was wide awake… and probably wondering what in the world her mama and auntie were up to!

Either awake or asleep, these photos came out like a dream… I really love each of them and I feel like they truly capture the snuggles that only a mama and her babe share!

rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0080 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0096 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0044

I think this may be my favorite. I love how Amelia is holding on to her mama’s sweater.



rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0295 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0281 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0013 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0261 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0193 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0337 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0355 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0245

Some tips for you if you want to try something like this…

  • Off white sheets would probably work better as a lot of the details were lost with the bright white-ness!
  • Find a spot with lots of shade so your “bedroom” scene doesn’t look quite so much outdoors.
  • And of course, plan around the babe’s schedule for when she’s sleepy, if that’s the look you’re going for. 🙂

Photo A Day, October—Week 4

The big wedding day is finally here… today is full of pedis, manis, luncheons, and rehearsing… all in preparation for the “I Do’s” tomorrow afternoon. I. Can. Not. Wait.


24/dark, 26/depth of field, 27/peaceful, 28/just for you, 29/hair, 30/wet, 31/treat

And since I wasn’t planning on blogging these photos, I just had to share a close up of this one from the above’s “peaceful” photo… as these little boys have stolen my heart. Love them so…


And since it’s now November… join me and follow Fat Mum Slim’s blog for the Photo A Day prompts, join us for the month of November!


Amelia’s 3 Month Portraits, Outdoor Newborn Photography, Lake Elsinore


Oh how this little babe loves to sleep!

When we took Miss Amelia’s photos at 1 week old, she wouldn’t wake up for anything… this time we got a few smiley awake moments but otherwise she really didn’t want us to interrupt her beauty sleep yet again!

At least she’s just as darling asleep as she is awake.

So without further ado… say hello to miss Amelia at 11 weeks old.




And finally she awoke with some adorable gummy grins before passing out again… after getting to spend a whole weekend with her in the beginning of September, I truly fell in love with this girl even more. She’s just such a happy baby with the cutest gummy grin that she puts her whole body into. Too cute, little love!


And back to sleep she goes…


And since her mama is a model, we just had to get a few shots of the sleeping babe snuggled up in her mama’s arms.




Looking forward to the 6 month photos… hopefully she’ll be awake and ready to strike a pose!

Northeast Trip: Evelyn’s Family Photos in Maine


Watching our family grow is really just the sweetest feeling! Just two years ago my cousin Katie got married and now this year we got to meet their sweet baby girl Evelyn.

While in Maine we got to steal a few mornings for photos with their little growing family… all of these were taken in the “backyard” of the house we were all renting in Northport, Maine.

Gotta love those baby blues and “toothy” grin! 🙂

evelyn-baby-photography-maine_0446 evelyn-baby-photography-maine_0544 evelyn-baby-photography-maine_0565 evelyn-baby-photography-maine_0614-comp evelyn-baby-photography-maine_0728-comp evelyn-baby-photography-maine_0748

Baby Evelyn and Family at the San Diego Botanic Garden


While I’m away here in Maine, I still wanted to make sure I kept my usual post schedule. So while I get to be with this little cutie and her family in person this week, I wanted to share some photos of our time we spent back on the west coast at the San Diego Botanic Garden!



I mean look at those thighs! 🙂



How adorable is their little family of 3!


And I know I’ll get some *loving* feedback but I just had to post these photos of my parents loving on their new great (or is it grand?) niece.



Oh and hey, Andy and I even got a photo together too! Now that is a rare occassion!


And then the trip wouldn’t be complete without a walk along the Pacific coast.


Looking forward to posting even more photos of this adorable family once I get back from being here on the east coast! 🙂