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Amelia’s 6 Month Christmas Photos, Menifee Baby Photography


Oh my I have fallen so deeply in love with this sweet little girl. I’d like to think that I’m a special auntie and the only one who gets these adorable smiles out of her, but she really is just a happy happy baby!

Hope you enjoy these sweet photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Let’s start with my favorite…

amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0527 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0603 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0608 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0749 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0806-expanded amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0888 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0828

And then after such sweet laughs, we knew it was time to change the set up. 🙂

amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0879 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0904 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0950 amelia-27-weeks-baby-menifee-photography-DSC_0921

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