The Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ (April & May)

I really should have split this post up month by month but here’s two months of babies, brides, and BBQ!



Bath time fun with J at 3 months.


Maybe the last visit with the little miss before the Logue’s move to San Diego. So sad for us but so happy for them and the work they are doing!


Little Owen arrived Monday, April 9! Little Eli just loves to show off “his baby” to anyone and everyone. They are just the cutest little brothers ever! The little photo collage are all from the night Owen was born, the next black and white photo is Owen at 10 days old settled in at home.


Little Grayson arrived six weeks after his best friend Owen. This first photo is Grayson at about 14 hours old (the first time I saw him) then at 4 days old. Such love for this long awaited little guy!


Things are coming together for the brides. A lot of the big stuff has been taken care of and the details are working themselves out.

Lauren and I finished up her Save the Dates… Her and Kellen are BIG baseball fans and after taking engagement photos with Lindsay Chavez at Angels Stadium, we designed the Save the Date to resemble a baseball ticket. I’ll be posting more about these later.

Brittany and her maids went bridesmaid dress shopping last week… after going in for a short champagne colored dress we may end up with a floor length purple dress! Either way, I am gonna look goooood! haha ;o)


In these last two months we have had 6 BBQ competitions… but the first of these was blogged last month (Vegas!). I am not going to bore you with too many details so go ahead and click on each image if you want to know more about the competition (it’ll link to the Rooftop blog).


No matter the size of that trophy, Rooftop is sure proud of getting a fifth in chicken! That is one hard category!

Sam’s Club

The guys got their first RGC (reserve grand champion aka 2nd place)… it was so so exciting!


Three days of music and barbeque. I had to show this picture since I am usually taking them, thanks Dad!

Long Beach

This was an exhausting competition! Our TWO lines from 11 am until we sold out about 4:30 pm were each 40 people deep!


Take note of their name on the jumbo tron during the awards! Soooooo cool!

See my post from January/February and March.

The Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ (March)

I totally planned to only post this every two months but March was just overflowing with babies, brides, and BBQ! Between baby showers, bridal birthdays, engagement parties, plus barbeque competitions and the launch of two more barbeque products… well, no wonder I am exhausted!


Visits with Jameson (9 weeks) and Amelia (almost 5 weeks).

Our friends Jessica and Jamie each had their showers. They are just five weeks a part so it is so fun seeing them experience this together, and even more exciting to anticipate their boys growing up together!

Jess and our church threw Jamie’s shower, a theme of woodland creatures to match Owen’s nursery. Read Jess’ post (with more photos) here.

This was by far the most entertaining baby shower game I have ever seen! Each girl is blind folded and given a set of clothespins. Whoever can pin the most on the other wins. I am glad I can laugh at their pain because it was so so funny!

Here is both Jamie and Jessica, well more Owen and Grayson!

Just a week later was Jessica’s shower. Jamie and Trisha hosted this one and I must thank them for getting Jess’ favorite cupcakes from Truly Madly Sweetly… oooooh so so good! I was really excited for Jess’ shower, just like everyone else, including Jess, just because it has been a long time coming! I am tearing up now thinking about it, but after everything she has been through, this baby is such a blessing straight from God. So thankful for our little miracle, Grayson!

The theme of Jess’ shower also matches the nursery, navy blue and white with elephants. More photos on Jess’ blog here.

I was just a bit excited!

Jess provided her own favors for the shower… each candle tag says:

Hi Family and Friends,
Just want to thank you for helping mommy and daddy to welcome me into the world! On the day you hear my mommy is in labor, light the candle and say a prayer for me, my mommy, and daddy.
Thank you all and I can’t wait to meet you!!
Lots of love, Grayson

And of course a group shot of the girls toward the end of the shower… oh how I love them. I already blogged about this wonderful moment here.

I also designed the invites and some other paper goods for the actual showers and hope to blog about those soon!


Bride time has slowed down a bit but Lauren and I, with my mom, still made it down to the Vintage Marketplace for wedding decor ideas.

Later that same day, Andy and I attended Brittany and Eric’s Anchorman themed engagement party!


BBQ is really getting into full swing! The second weekend of March was our competition in Santa Anita. Rooftop BBQ took their first ever 1st place trophy plaque in ribs! What a night! It was also Jamie’s husband Joey’s first time competing with the team too.

Then just this past weekend was our Vegas competition against 100 of the biggest teams in America. It was a tough competition but the boys beat their scores from last year pulling a 23rd and 26th in chicken and ribs. There was also a smaller, celebrity cook off that Andy took part in. His celebrity team mates were the wrestlers, the Hardy Brothers. It was so cool to see Andy in a Iron Chef like environment with camera crews, judges, and secret ingredients. All I have to say is that Andy was a lot nicer to their cooking goof offs than he is with me in the kitchen!

See my post from January and March.

The Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ

I have officially declared 2012 as the Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ. There are at least four babies of close friends (okay… one came early and made it in 2011) and I’ve lost count of the others; three close friends getting married this year, two of which I am a bridesmaid in the wedding (whoo!); and I definitely lost count of all the adventures of BBQ that are coming up this year. But as I originally wanted this blog to be more design related, it’s definitely morphed into a personal journal of life. So at least for this year, I am going to recount the tales of these babies, brides, and BBQ every couple months. Got it? Good! Here’s to January and February!


Baby Jameson made it just in time for New Years! Born at 3:15 on December 31. I fell in love in an instant!

One of Jameson’s many girlfriends is Miss Amelia! She was born February 15! I am so looking forward to meeting her in the coming weeks.

Then, in these next few months we will be welcoming baby Owen and his best friend Grayson! So so freaking excited to meet these little guys!


Here’s to another year of double bridesmaid time! In October, Lauren will be getting married in a camping, rustic themed wedding and just a few weeks later, Brittany will be getting married in a gold and purple rustic elegance themed wedding! It’s funny to see their wedding come to life in two very different ways! I got to go dress shopping with them both—Lauren even bought hers that same day! We also went garage sale shopping for Lauren’s wedding, collecting wooden crates and all things “vintage camping” related—and some board games for the reception! Then I got to take Brittany and her fiance Eric’s engagement photos, celebrate their engagement at a party in Dana Pointe, and spend a day with the ladies at a bridal expo!


And lastly, barbeque. Andy has been going full throttle to continue launching his BBQ sauce to the masses. It’s in our local farmer’s market-like store, Tom’s Farms, but also in countless other online BBQ stores. Not only is his sauce being sold like crazy—their BBQ competition team, Rooftop Barbeque, won second place for their chili verde at their January competition in Havasu. THEN they filmed an audition tape to get on the third season of BBQ pitmasters! AND THEN they are in the running for the best BBQ sauce on, after already winning Scott Robert’s best BBQ sauce. He’s such a busy guy and I am one proud wifey!