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Evernotes Every Friday

1. The Wheatfield’s Going to California Print

While I love these rainy, cloudy Southern California days, many of my fellow residents do not. Here’s an image for all of you who are looking forward to spring, a season that lasts a short time around here! This was created by Katie Daisy and is sold through her Etsy shop, The Wheatfield. Her work is so bright and colorful, just puts you in a good mood no matter what! She has a lot more prints, and other states, for sale as well. Found via August Empress.

Going to California

2. Holy Heck’s Gaslight District Identity

I have seen the work from Heck House before, but it wasn’t until a post on Graphic Exchange that I saw the Gaslight identity. Brand identity is hard to do, keeping things simple, but not boring is hard! Really it is! And truthfully, envelopes don’t get enough credit. Sometimes, your envelope is your first impression given to your client. Bethany Heck did a marvelous job on creating the identity for Gaslight District, a clothing company. I love the way she designed the proportions of the address, with the numbers being set apart and much larger than the rest, with a more decorative typeface. The rest of the identity can be seen here. First found on Graphic Exchange.

Gaslight Envelope

3. Foundry Collective’s Lego Project

Awhile back, in December, Scott Hill posted a small detail shot on Dribbble of a new project he was working on. I loved it right away and have been anxiously awaiting the full size image. Yesterday, Foundry Collective posted on their blog that the project had been for Lego, but it had been shelved. I thought that even though this won’t be coming into full realization now, if ever, it needed to be shown here. I only recently found them, but have loved every piece of their work. Found on their blog, blog post on Lego here.

Foundry Collective - Lego

4. AIGA’s Letterpress Tattoo Posters

Having never printed anything letterpress, I have a strange curiosity about it and can’t help but love every print I see! The following poster was designed by Dan Christofferson and printed by The Mandate Press. The AIGA’s event, “Full Bleed, The Design and Tattoo Experience,” fea­tured the art and design work of local tat­too artists. I love the nostalgic look of the piece and the hoards of details, my favorite of which is the mustaches! Found on design work life.

Letterpress Tattoo Posters

5. Mikey Burton’s Ohio State Motto Illustration

Dan Cassaro asked 50 designers in each of the 50 states to illustrate their state’s motto. I have been waiting and waiting to post California’s but it hasn’t been released yet. But here is Ohio’s and I couldn’t help but post it! Mikey Burton’s illustration work is amazing and I have been following him for quite some time. You can see the rest of the states that have been posted up til now on the 50 and 50 website. Found the state motto site through design work life.


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