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Evernotes Every Friday

1. I Love Dust’s Sea Cider Packaging

What’s not to love about these fun colorful illustrations designed by I Love Dust for Hearts Cider. Discovered I Love Dust on Ismael’s Burciaga’s blog.

I Love Dust's Sea Cider

2. Paradise Pier’s New Attraction Posters

While I love Disney, I do not love to sport in clothing or decor the cartoon side of Disney. I am very particular in what merchandise I purchase from the parks and usually prefer items with a certain vintage aesthetic. Below are new attraction posters designed to align with the new look and feel of Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure. As Disney continues to makeover DCA, giving it a look of Hollywood/California as Walt Disney first saw it in the ’20s, these posters will start showing up for many of the attractions just as was started in 1956 to show park visitors what these new and different attractions were in Disneyland. Found via @mantia’s link to the Disney blog.

New Attraction Posters Paint a Fresh Vision of Paradise Pier

3. Simon and Jenna’s Transpacific Wedding Invitation

Here is some pink ‘n’ green, letterpress, international, illustrated wedding invitation goodness! This invitation had to not only satisfy an invite to the ceremony but also to two receptions on two different continents. This satisfies my design, print, and packing appetites! They made a very cool “band” that displays the ceremony invite and then within that is a pull out for the reception invite (pullout shown below). Very cool and inventive! This was first discovered on For Print Only, then the couple’s business site and then their wedding site (which has amazing images of the whole letterpress process).

Simon and Jenna - Invite Revealed

4. Dan Blackman’s Wilkes University Viewbook

Making infographics, stats, and facts is hard work. You wouldn’t think it would be, but trust me, it is! Making random information, that is only really appealing to a few people, something that everyone wants to not only look and but actually read it…? Yeah, that’s hard. Through a post on design work life, I found Dan Blackman who works at 160over90. His work is clean and minimal but full of little details, and some hidden details. This project for Wilkes University combines lots of information with strong photography with the addition of an illustrated stats/facts spread. The latter caught my eye and I thought it needed to be shared. The book also has hidden pages between the pages but you’ll have to go to Dan’s site to see those images.

Wilkes Stats - Dan Blackman

5.Fabian Barral’s New Secret Project

I don’t know what this is for as Fabian hasn’t posted it yet, but it sure is beautiful! There’s layers and layers or typography, paper, photography, watercolor, and stamps. Love it! Can’t wait to see the finished project! Fabian heads up the Graphic-Exchange blog, but this was found on his Flickr account.

Fabien Barral's New Project

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