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I just love collaborating with Jess on all these shower invites for our church! She asked for a combination of "starry night" and "pirates" and then we both wrote to each other simultaneously to depict a pirate ship silhouette at night. We were both so excited that it didn't take long to complete the invite—it's crazy how fast you can complete a design when you're struck with inspiration. I quickly mocked up a sketch so I wouldn't lose focus once I started on the digital version, illustrated the various pieces with pencil and marker, scanned them in, and then used Illustrator to complete the design. Another fun aspect of this shower's pirate theme, is that our home is immensely decorated using trunks, pirate ships, and glass bottles so Jess was able to borrow a lot of the pieces in our home to decorate the shower—like the trunk I used in the first photograph. Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse behind the design! P.S. Jess is such a good shower planner! I loved how she served up a hot chocolate bar to go with the starry night theme. We also worked on the Central Park Picnic and Woodland Creatures invitations along with a church luncheon

This past year evolved from baby shower invite craziness to first birthday invites! How cool is that?! McKensie asked me to make her little Josiah's first birthday invite and wanted it to have a woodland creature feel (in her Google search for this she found Jamie's invite from earlier this year, that was pretty cool I must say!). She sent me some ideas on the colors and type of animals she was looking for, which was such a big help in getting on the same page for what she wanted. With that in hand, I could confidently move forward with the design knowing exactly what she wanted but with room to add my own touches. The mood board also helped me figure out my own design rather quickly, and even though I had a pretty solid idea in my head, I sketched it out so the smaller details wouldn't be forgotten

I just adooooore how this birth announcement came out for my good friend Jessica's baby boy Grayson! Just loooove it! Another thing I love is when Jess and I get to come together and use both of our gifts! She took each of these just adorable photos of her son and then I designed the card from the laying out of the photos to the type on the banner. Isn't he just the cutest??! Jessica has such a talent for newborn photography! And I am sure she felt pressure on her own son's photos but they are just amazing. And another note, Jess is such an AMAZING mother. I've luckily seen her love in person for her little boy but she blogs the sweetest little posts about her baby boy and the joys of being a mom. Jess also asked me to come by and help get a family of three photo for her. Which was quite nerve racking

When our friends Lauren and Kellen booked their engagement session, with Lindsay Chavez, at Angels' Stadium, the first thought I had was to make their Save the Date look like a baseball game ticket! Their actual wedding is themed with outdoor rustic and camping items, which is totally them, but baseball is another fun activity that they love to attend and follow. So in keeping with the rusticness of their wedding we created a vintage baseball ticket for their save the date. Adding another fun twist is that Lauren is a huge Yankee fan while Kellen just loves the Angels, so what better teams to come together for a game of baseball! And I just love the way the final product came out! While researching baseball tickets and their various looks, I came across this Angels' ticket from 1962! From then on, I knew we were on the right track! And the rest of the design flowed from there. So excited for your wedding in October! Love you both!!

Just like Jamie's baby shower invitation I posted a couple weeks ago, Jessica's invitation was partly themed to the nursery. The actual theme of the shower was "Cute as a Button" but the nursery features elephants and the colors navy, white, and gray. While researching for the invite, I saw an illustration of an elephant carrying balloons and thought, "how cute would it be if the balloons were buttons?" With that idea in mind I went to work