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I turn 25 in one week from today. In a totally unselfish act of kindness for all my friends and family, here's a list of 25 things I am wishing for my birthday. I did this for all of you. You are so very welcome. 1. C.O. Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine 2. A roll of kraft paper for Christmas gifts 3. Dave's Insanity hot sauce 4. Freshly Bakes Chocoloate Chip Cookies (still warm from baking) 5. David Crowder Band to remain a band forever

My sister has now turned 21. My sister is one who is full of life. Who easily finds joy in Disneyland and little ones. Who is one amazing baker. Who gets super duper excited about birthdays! And that's when the plates hit the floor. Yes this was a rather mortifying moment for her, but to all the witnesses, it was quite funny. I love to see my godmother and grandmother's expressions. But to be fair, a counter to the funny moment, here's a portrait I took of her before dinner as well.

1. Sign Art Would it be silly to make new signs that look like old signs? Nutmegger Workshop doesn't think so! Found this Facebook album by Nutmegger Workshop via design work life. 2. Matilda Jane Web Design My favorite female designer, Promise Tangeman, has just released her latest web design work for Matilda Jane, a clothing company. The layers of graphic detail and texture always makes Promise's work stand out from the rest. Found on Promise's blog, visit the live site here. 3.Baby Maeve's Gray Gold and White Letterpress Announcement Designed by her parents, little Maeve's announcement is beautifully designed down to its packaging, a muslin bag. The image below was my favorite from the set as I love the typography layout but there's plenty more images on Oh So Beautiful Paper's blog. It's amazing what can be accomplished with a two color print. Found on Oh So Beautiful Paper, designed by Oscar & Emma. 4. Dana Tanamachi Chalk Lettering I love typography which, if you have been following my Evernote Every postings, you would know

I loooooove birthdays! I love celebrating a person's life! I just love love love it! I love showering people with presents, but you need money for that. And with the incredibley large circle of friends that Andy and I have been blessed beyond belief with, showering people with presents has come to a halt. I just stopped giving presents. Shame on me. I finally figured out what to do though, thanks to my very very very good friend Jessica! She makes these wonderfully creative pieces of decor for all her friends. She even makes handmade cards with handmade envelopes. So yes, she is wonderful. Anyway, she inspired me to start using my own skills and a little bit of time to create gifts for others. I have been dabbling in digital illustration lately (project will be posted soon) and for more practice I have been making little individual illustrations for the front of birthday cards. Not nearly as thoughout and creative as Jessica, but I am trying! So here's the June birthday cards: 1. Amie Belle Strawberry Pals Card 2. Lauren "Yoyo" Card 3. Grandpa's Pope Hat in honor of Bucca Di Beppo's Pope Room Card 4. Josh's Nitty Gritty Nacho Card 5. Mr. Harry

I met Amie Machelle Thompson more than 15 years ago. Where we actually met for the first time is unknown but we spent many years together in elementary school together involved in girl scouts. We shared a hatred of camping and the outdoors. We even 'got' poison oak at camp once and got to spend the rest of the camp in our tent. It wasn't always good times in girl scouts though. She was the spoiled brat and I was the cry baby. Some things never change. Middle school came and went but in our eigth grade year we took a class trip to Washington D.C. A trip I will never forget. That trip was 10 years ago. That's the trip Amie and I claim is when we became best friends. Since April 10, 2000 we have been inseparable. We shared many sleepovers, many tears, many drives, many trips to Disneyland, many tubs of ice cream, many many laughs, many summers, many beach days, many snow days, many boyfriends, many trips to the mall and swap meet, a few trips to D.C., and many movie nights. When Andy asked me to be his wife, Amie was the first person I called after