Happy Birthday June Babies

I loooooove birthdays! I love celebrating a person’s life! I just love love love it! I love showering people with presents, but you need money for that. And with the incredibley large circle of friends that Andy and I have been blessed beyond belief with, showering people with presents has come to a halt. I just stopped giving presents. Shame on me. I finally figured out what to do though, thanks to my very very very good friend Jessica! She makes these wonderfully creative pieces of decor for all her friends. She even makes handmade cards with handmade envelopes. So yes, she is wonderful. Anyway, she inspired me to start using my own skills and a little bit of time to create gifts for others. I have been dabbling in digital illustration lately (project will be posted soon) and for more practice I have been making little individual illustrations for the front of birthday cards. Not nearly as thoughout and creative as Jessica, but I am trying! So here’s the June birthday cards:

1. Amie Belle Strawberry Pals Card
2. Lauren “Yoyo” Card

3. Grandpa’s Pope Hat in honor of Bucca Di Beppo’s Pope Room Card
4. Josh’s Nitty Gritty Nacho Card

5. Mr. Harry Ryans’ Happy Birthday Card
6. Little Miss Laney’s 5th Birthday Card

And then a recent addition, I made this little illustration for the back of the cards, it’s my idealized self!

I still have two more ‘belated’ birthday cards that won’t be posted until next month but one is for a very special two year old and the other is for a very special mommy-to-be!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday June Babies

  1. Jessica tries to be creative Williams says:

    I feel honored that I was actually an inspiration to someone! I can’t wait to give you your surprise! I love your “idealized self” it’s perfect!

  2. Trishie says:

    Love those Sam!! Especially your idealized self. It’s perfect.
    I also love Josh’s…so funny.

    You got talent girl.

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