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Northeast Trip: A Week in Maine


First off, my first reaction to Maine was “look at all the green!” And I looooove green. Second reaction, “boy is this place damp!” Coming from southern California where humidity is practically next to zero, the dampness was a big change. Everything always felt a little wet, like when you’re at the beach.


The main occasion of our whole trip was for a family reunion… the family on my dad’s side gets together every other year, last time being in Colorado.

House Rental

This year we all stayed together in one giant farmhouse built in the 1800s. It had been added on to quite a few times so sometimes finding our bedroom or even the bathroom was an accomplishment! There was so much character though… including a wraparound porch and a huge barn where are all the kids called home. Here’s a link if you’re thinking of heading that way. There are quite a few acres of land to explore as well, so of course we had to take advantage with a family photo shoot or two!



Acadia National Park

Our first day in Maine was spent driving through Acadia National Park… we made plenty of stops to check out the various lakes and hikes. And as you’ll see, I definitely gave up on taming my hair. 🙂





Big Sail Boat

The entire family (minus 1 sadly) spent a couple hours out in midst of the Atlantic on a biiig sail boat. It was great—we had the whole boat to ourselves. And the youngest member of the family even got to drive (steer?) for a bit!

maine-summer-camden-sailboat_0146 maine-summer-camden-sailboat_0150 maine-summer-camden-sailboat_0222 maine-summer-camden-sailboat_0267 maine-summer-camden-sailboat_0216


Lobster, Lobster, Lobster

And finally, how can you go to Maine without a lobster meal, or two, or five. 🙂

This was one of my favorite nights… just after we returned from boating. Don’t let the Chardonnay box fool ya, that thing’s full of lobsta’ (that’s how us locals say it)! And they’re like $6 each! Many thanks to my cousin Tom on boiling those up for us… don’t mind my mom’s dramatics. 🙂

maine-summer-saturday-cove-northport-lobster_0325 maine-summer-saturday-cove-northport-lobster_0329 maine-summer-saturday-cove-northport-lobster_0334 maine-summer-saturday-cove-northport-lobster_0354

And if the photos didn’t do it for you, here’s a video with even more fun times included!

There’s much more to come from Boston to New York PLUS a mini family photo shoot from Maine.

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!


  • August 24, 2013

    Mary Dray

    Thank you so much for bringing your wonderful photography talents to your website from Maine! Surely, it’s the next best thing to being there! Furthermore, your comments about the weather & sites really add to the presentation! Again, this is really great- thank you for sharing your adventure! Mary

  • August 31, 2013

    That place looks beautiful!

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