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My thanks go out to Jessica from J. Rose Photography for writing this post for me as I travel back from New York City today! Hi there! My name is Jess and I am a lifestyle photographer/blog writer/full time mommy to a beautiful son named Grayson. I am sure if you've followed Sam for any amount of time you've seen my kid here a few times (to say the least) While Sam and her family are vacationing and having a wonderful time on their trip to Maine she asked me to share a little with you. I love Jesus and He is the center of my everything, and while here on this earth He has given me the most precious gift there is; a baby. Who happens to be my heart in little human form. So what better to share about than five things that I would not, could not live without after having Grayson. 1. Diaper bag I have posted about What's in my bag? and briefly mentioned my diaper bag. I love my diaper bag. Since that post I have actually had to get a new one (Always order Nordstrom people, they are the BEST at returns and exchanges! Totally worth

While I'm away on vacation, Amie has kindly stepped in to post some DIYs for their upcoming rustic shabby chic wedding—which happens to be just 3 months from today! Follow all the Pankratz wedding adventures here. Hi guys!  This is Amie -- Sam is my wonderful Matron of Honor for my upcoming wedding this November. I know she's mentioned my upcoming nuptials on her blog before, so I was honored when she asked me to share with you guys while she is away touring the Northeast! Here are five fun DIY projects I plan on making for the wedding. 1. DIY Redneck Wine Glasses I've always loved these glasses and when I found out just how cheap they are to make, I knew I had to have them  as my wedding favors!  This is actually the only project I have completed so far and I was so impressed with how easy to follow Mavis Butterfield's DIY How to Make Redneck Wine Glasses tutorial was. 2. DIY Personalized Wooden Ring Bearer Box I'm not a big fan of the traditional ring bearer pillow, so I set out on a search for something a little more unique. I came across this cute little box on Pinterest and I