Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills, Harvest Carnival on Halloween

calvary chapel halloween harvest carnival 503

Looking for a fun and safe environment to take your kiddos on Halloween? Our church is hosting a carnival: Calvary Carnival!

Lots of candy,  fun, exciting games and jumpers. Plus free hot dogs, cotton candy, & pop corn.  And you can enter to win a iPad Mini (!!!) along with other fun prizes!

It will be located at the school where our church regularly meets, Canyon Hills Middle School. But this year it has expanded quite a bit! I’m really looking forward to it… hope to see you there!

33005 Canyon Hills Road
Lake Elsinore, CA 92532

calvary chapel halloween harvest carnival 499

Calvary Carnival fliers, newspaper ads, and banners all designed by Sam Allen Creates (that’s me :))

Friday Footnotes


Ever have those weeks that are just slow enough that for half a heartbeat or so, you start to question whether you’ve headed down the wrong path? That was me last week. That was me just this past Sunday. My Etsy shopped slowed from the frenzy of commuter hour to a nicely paced drive in the middle of the country. i.e. it didn’t even stop. But it slowed to the point where I had the mini-est of panic attacks, questioning whether or not this could really be for real. That the craziness of these past few months were over and that it was all a big joke that God was pulling. Well, all those doubts flew right out the window on Monday and we’re back to the juggling always multi-tasking day-to-day frenzy that my life has become. I must admit, I kinda missed this frenzy.

Soooo…. another week with no Internet finds for my footnotes. Uh, this may be like week 3 of me missing them, so let’s take a moment to see what I’ve been up to. Just a few sneak peeks…

1. Embossing [Anything I Can Get My Hands On]

A few months back, a very dear friend of mine asked me to design a bridal shower invitation. The theme involved the lovely color of gold…. so I asked her if she would want to try embossing the invitations. Something I have been wanting to add to my shop for sometime (but did I mention I hadn’t tried this technique in over a decade??!). So we get the invite design, rubber stamp made, and we plan a day to get together to create 50 invitations. Ugh, let’s just say, it didn’t work out like we hoped. But since I had all the tools now, I wanted to put them to good use—plus I discovered embossing pens where I can straight up right and turn my writing to embossed amazing-ness—which led me to embossing wedding table number cards, greeting cards, and whatever else I could get my hands on! Let’s just say, my hubby came home from a weekend of BBQ to a kitchen lightly covered in glittering gold dust. I snapped some photos and just listed these babies in my shop this week. Let’s see what happens next shall we? Whether they sell or not, I sure had fun making them!

your new friend hello happy birthday cards

Whew, after that long story, you may still be wondering what embossing even is…. using rubber stamps and a embossing ink pad or a pen that emits the special embossing ink, the ink impression is dusted with powder and then heated which creates that raised embossed link.

2. Hand Lettered Hang Tags

Another semi-new product to my shop are hand-lettered tags that can be used for gift tags—and personalized for name cards too! I love listing new items just to see what happens. After listing a set of 4 tags that would be for the everyday use with sayings like thanks, cheers, happy birthday, etc… I had a few custom orders come in with personalized tags for a bachelorette weekend, and then by a couple brides who wanted their bridesmaids names written and another just wanting their bridal party roles written out. These are the days where I can’t believe I’m getting paid to just write someone’s name on a tag. Humbled and shocked and feeling so blessed about this!

your new friend sam etsy bridal party name tags

3. Full Calligraphy Stamp

I’ve also listed a few new rubber stamps… seriously, I really used this little slow period to get a ton of new products going! I had listed a full calligraphy address stamp some time ago but was never truly happy with the look of the design…. and then comes another amazing Etsy customer who specially requested the stamp and I really love how theirs came out! Using a kinda funky and whimsical writing…

Your New Friend Sam Calligraphy Address Stamp Warren Family

4. Merry Christmas Rubber Stamp

Another rubber stamp just added to the shop is a Christmas one! Is it really that time of year already?? Okay, I may be a little ahead of myself, but I just started doodling and trying out the lettering and loved how the y in merry crossed the t and dotted the i! So I just couldn’t wait any longer! View the listing here.

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Calligraphy Merry Christma Rubber Stamp

5. Church Re-Brand

And last but not least, a non-Etsy related project, finishing up the big branding overhaul at my church. Well, semi-finished. Here’s a web banner, that we’re not even using anymore (don’t want to ruin the surprise of the new website!) just to give you a peek as I still need to photograph all the rest of the printed pieces. A time consuming, but oh-so-fun-and-worth-it project!

join a community group

Family Chemistry, Summer Series at Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills

calvary chapel canyon hills family chemistry slide

Our pastor, Josh Black, writes:

Be honest. Marriage & Family are the hardest things you’ll ever do in life, but they can also be the most rewarding. Lots of families need help but don’t know what to do. I can’t wait to share what the Bible gives as the ingredients to a successful home.

This next Sunday—and through the rest of the month, our church is launching into a 4 week series on family, marriage, raising kids, and even how to handle stress in life, like time management.

And I just wanted to share some of the graphics created for the series… above is the slide for the church  projector and below are the flyers created to pass out at this week’s soccer camp (register for that here!), and at the end of this post, there’s a square shaped graphic for you and anyone to share via Instagram or Facebook. This was such a fun project, very different than anything I’ve had a chance to work on lately… it was so fun to layer on the various science related images and what a fun color scheme!

calvary chapel canyon hills family chemistry 681

calvary chapel canyon hills family chemistry 687


Help us spread the word! Here’s an image for you to share via Facebook, Instagram or email around to your friends and family in the area.

calvary chapel canyon hills family chemistry square

Vacation Bible School, Summer 2014, at Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills

Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills VBS 2014 994

I love working on the graphics for my church’s annual Vacation Bible School. Group Publishing sure makes it easy with the variety of backgrounds and characters they provide.

Here’s the fun flyer we created for the school… if you’ve been looking for a VBS for your kiddos, check it out! Register online.

Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills VBS 2014 995 Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills VBS 2014 997

Help us spread the word! Here’s an image for you to share via Facebook or email around to your friends and family in the area.

Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills VBS 2014

Friday Footnotes


Okay, please forgive me as I neglect again to post the usual Friday Foonotes post. Last week I just gave it up all together and just didn’t post one. But I didn’t want to leave you all hanging again! So here’s a peek at my current projects, some are still in progress!

1. Splish Splash Birthday Invitation

Oh how I loooooove how this invitation came out for my friend’s little baby girl. It’s literally my absolute favorite design I think I’ve ever done. Is that saying too much? I don’t know… I just really love. It was one of those times that it came out exactly like I had dreamed it up in my head. I love the layers of illustration, texture, and color. But seriously, isn’t it darling? Hoping to send these out over this weekend in coral envelopes stuffed with pearlescent envelope liners. Ah! And you know that a full post on the invite and the party will be posted, when the time comes. I was just too pleased with it that I’ve already listed in my shop, find that here.

your new friend sam splish splash under the sea birthday invitation printable

2. Personalized Love is Sweet

Just yesterday, I  got a custom request on Etsy to create a stamp for a cookie bar station for a wedding. Together with the bride we created this Love is Sweet stamp. So excited to get this in hand!

your new friend sam love is sweet etsy rubber stamp

3. Church Forward

But what’s really been the star of my current workload is creating all new graphics for several new projects for my church, Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills. First priority was to create a sermon graphic for a 3 part July series.

church forward web banner

4. Now What, A New Believers’ Packet

And then we also created an 8 page brochure-like booklet for new believers… something that will be party of a larger “welcome basket.” This is still a work in progress but it’s been a pretty fun and immersive project, can’t wait to have the real deal in my hands!

now what new believers packet

5. Scrapbook Birthday Cards

And last, but certainly not least, the first weekend of June is usually full of birthday celebrations! So of course, I had to find a bit of time to sit down and make up some cards for these best friends of mine who celebrate their special days in June.

sam allen creates scrapbook card amie 2014


Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills Easter Services

calvary chapel canyon hills easter friday flyer ad 085

Do you have a place to go for this weekend’s Easter celebration?

Join us in Canyon Hills as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Good Friday service at 7 on April 18th.
Easter services at 9 and 11 on the morning of April 20th.
With child care provided at both Sunday services!

Please use the below graphic to share about our services on Facebook too!

Calvary Canyon Hills Easter services 2014 designed by Sam Allen Creates

And here are a few more images of the newspaper I helped design for our local newspaper.

calvary chapel canyon hills easter friday flyer ad 096 calvary chapel canyon hills easter friday flyer ad 091 calvary chapel canyon hills easter friday flyer ad 087

Hope to see you there!

Vintage Sewing Baby Shower Invitation


This is one of two projects completed with Jess for our church. Now that our church has gotten so so big, instead of doing individual baby showers, for the first time the church hosted one big shower for all the expectant mommies at the church.

With the theme of “vintage sewing,” I created the invite… see some more photos below from the event as well! So so adorable!



If you’re looking for a “vintage sewing” baby shower invitation please contact me on creating a custom listing using this design for you in my Etsy shop.

vintage-sewing-baby-shower-invitation_1477 vintage-sewing-baby-shower-invitation_1478 vintage-sewing-baby-shower-invitation_1479


Flourish, Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills Womens’ Luncheon


handwritten-sketch-Flourish_1471Another project completed with Jess, from J. Rose Photography, for our church… but this time for the annual Womens’ Luncheon.

Their theme verse for the event was from Psalms:

The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree.

We created a flyer for our church bulletin that used a pink and mint green color scheme, incorporating hand drawn type and succulents. Definitely loved how this came to be!

Here are some close ups of the flyer along with some photos from the event from Jess!




womens-luncheon-flourish-succulents_7566 womens-luncheon-flourish-succulents_7578 womens-luncheon-flourish-succulents_7597

Evernotes Every Friday

While I continue to play catch up every evening on all my various freelance projects, I thought giving another glimpse into a couple of my last 2 weeks’ projects would be fun!

1. Nautical Baby Shower Invite

Last week, I designed a baby shower invite for a friend of a friend… hoping to get this final design up in my Etsy shop within the next month. I just love how it came out!


2. Etsy Stamp Sales

Speaking of Etsy, I could possibly say that my Etsy sales have quadrupled this month, but if you knew how they were doing last month… then that’s not really saying much. I just get so excited with every sale though! And then sending out each order, feels like sending a small piece of my heart right along. Anyway… I got 2 similar requests though this past week for a somewhat customized order of my return address stamp. Hoping to make this a regular product soon!


3. Glow

Working on a logo with a  neon light treatment for church….


4. Superman Birthday Party

A very special someone is turning 5 this month, here’s just a little peek into the festivities to come. Can you guess the game?


5. Miss Kaelea’s 2 Year Photoshoot

Earlier this week, I spent an evening photographing this little wiggly dancing blonde 2 year old! I have only just begun digging through the hundreds of photos, but I thought I’d share a rare glimpse of the little miss laying still. So so much fun. I can’t wait to show you more!


Evernotes Every Friday

Last month I did a different spin on the weekly Evernotes Every post… instead of posting 5 things (designs, photos, recipes) that I saved that week, I posted 5 design projects that I was personally working on the time. It was a fun break to post something like that but it also helped with the lack of time to gather an Evernotes post.

So here we are, 5 weeks later and I must try that again! Hope you like getting this glimpse into the multi-tasking my brain is doing right now! Eeek! And in addition to three designs I am working, I am going to show you sneak peek into two photo shoots I just did! How stinking fun to add these to my list! I am seriously so blessed everyday to get to do what I love! Beyond blessed!

1. Womens’ Retreat

This past week I created posters and flyers for our church’s upcoming Womens’ Retreat. I love working on girly stuff! It’s a rare occasion for me!


2. VBS: Kingdom Rock

Another rare project is getting to work on something for kids! And this is another project for my church, using the graphics from Group… if you have kids ages Pre-K thru 5th grade, bring them to VBS at our church this summer! Register here.

slide v1

3. Bear Illustrations

This is a super new project that is just getting started, lots of kinks to work out but this is just one iteration of an illustrated bear. No more details to share with you yet. 🙂


4. CSUF Seniors: Ali and Amy

These girls may have been the funniest and most fun to take photos of. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard behind the camera. I promise there’s more “portrait-like” photos of these two, but I thought this photo captured our shoot so perfectly and truly captures the excitement of graduating college! It was a great photo to close out our evening of shooting in downtown Fullerton last weekend.


5. CSUSM Senior: Kristie

Just this past Wednesday night I took another college senior’s portraits but this time for a long time friend, practically a sister, Kristie. You will be seeing quite a bit of Kris this year as she is my best friend Amie’s sister (you’ve actually already seen here in Another Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ) and will be standing right next to me in the upcoming Pankratz wedding. But having known this young little miss practically her whole life, I am not going to lie, I misted up at least once taking her photos! And I am so excited to show you the rest!